Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring break

Those two words are so beautiful to my ears right now. Granted, I'm still working and teaching, but I will be taking no trips to Super Duper University this week.

(Even though I spent Saturday in the big univ. town coding surveys and will be heading there twice next week -- class and symposium -- but that's okay. I don't have to go This. Week.)

I'm doing more training for the church triathalon (from now on referred to as "tri" because I don't think I'm spelling it correctly). I finally swam last week and had a shock hit me like cold water: I'm not a great swimmer. In fact, I'm a pretty bad swimmer. I did make it 800 meters (that's 8 laps -- to the end of the pool and back counts as one lap), but a lot of it included doggy paddling, or some variation of doggy paddling. And turns out I do need goggles. And a swim cap. Oh, and my confidence level fell about six notches because I was swimming right next to a swim team. They swam laps around me. Literally.

Thankfully, though, I actually did what I consider a "mini-mini tri" (as the tri I'm doing is a sprint tri itself) yesterday afternoon, and it went VERY well. The church tri will consist of: a 400-m swim, an 11 mile bike race, and then a 5k. So yesterday I ran 3 miles (just .1 mile shorter than a 5k), swam 800 m and biked 8 miles. I feel the extra swimming made up for the biking.

What made the day even more successful was how much better on swimming I did yesterday than the first day. I was shocked, actually, at my improvement. Instead of struggling to swim "properly" 25 m I was swimming entire 50-m distances without having to switch to doggy paddling or swimming on my back (which is easier for me but slower). I felt very empowered.

Just a basic 4.5 mile run today. No running partner, though, you want to run? =D Lol!!


Brooke said...

you are so coping me on my fitness goals :P j/k it sounds like you are a better swimmer than me though. our pool is 50m for a full (up and back) lap. 600m is the most i have ever done.

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

hummmm... i love to bike, and like to run... swim.....can't. won't.

go girl!!! have a great break!!!!

misti said...

LOL I used to teach swimming lessons! Although but now I am POSITIVE that my little swim campers could swim laps around me :) In fact...perhaps hippos could swim laps around me. Aren't they slow? They look slow.

David said...

I really have nothing to contribute, so this is your word of encouragement!


sara said...

well first I was going to join in with how much I love the two words "spring break"...ours is next week...however, as I read your blog can I just tell you how impressed I am!! wow!!

Tracy said...

Wow, that is no small feat! I will live through you vicariously. Congrats on the swimming.

Brittany Ann said...

I am waiting and waiting for my spring break myself! It will definitely be music to my ears!

Mama Belle said...

A triathlon? What a woman!

Aleta said...

You made me miss my swimming pool. *sigh* Used to swim every day.

Susan said...


Somehow I clicked over to your blog, forgot who's site I found you on. nice to meet you. I'm from New Orleans, but live in BR.

Love your blog! Did you design it?

I'll be back.

You are in amazing shape!

septembermom said...

Watch out Superdog! Supergirl is reaching some impressive fitness goals!