Friday, July 31, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness: Movie of the Decade

On our way home from Super Duper University on Wednesday, Superman and I started talking about what could be classified as the 2000s Movie of the Decade (said with an echoing announcer voice).

We both came up with two different movies, but I'm not going to name them...not yet.

So I want to get all of your opinions -- spread the word, share the bloggy movie-of-the-decade joy! Think about it this weekend and come back on Monday to discuss what would be YOUR idea of the Movie of the Decade (again with echoing announcer voice).

What makes your choice the Movie of the Decade? Is it the sweeping musical score, the glamorous costumes, the amazing acting, a top-notch cast, an unusual script? Is it all of these? Tell me your choice and tell me why it should be the Movie of the Decade.

Will it be an epic classic such as Lord of the Rings? Will it be a graphic B-movie remake, such as Grindhouse? Will it be a cheesy romance, a la Twilight (if it is, I will come through this computer screen and shake some sense into you!)? What is the Movie of the Decade?

Think about it. Let me know. And visit Andrea for more Friday Caffeinated Randomness!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

MY reality dating TV show

I did not watch The Bachelorette. I have before, but I haven’t followed it (or The Bachelor) faithfully on any given season. I’ve seen episodes of random MTV dating shows (Date My Mom or something equally ridiculous), and I DID follow Momma’s Boys when it was on. However, I would like to produce my OWN reality dating show. See what you think…

1. As most reality dating TV shows go, there is one “winner” – the girl/guy fighting for the affections of 16 (or however many) individuals of the opposite sex. I, on the other hand, would like to take a page from Momma’s Boys – let’s have 8 girls and 8 guys and see who all pairs up. However, I don’t think there would be enough “drama” for network TV in my vision, so I’ll (unwillingly) concede to have one “winner” and 16 contestants.

2. How do we choose said contestants? TOTALLY at random. When people submit their names, just put ‘em all into a pot and draw until you get the right number. We're not looking for the gorgeous 26-year-old actress or the 22-year-old law student who, btw, happens to be a model. It's the luck of the draw in this game. Ta da!

3. Now that we have our contestants (and let’s go for one girl and 16 guys just for the sake of clarity), what are the rules? They’re pretty much typical Bachelorette rules with one twist: if one of the guys decides he does not like the girl, he has the option of leaving the show and going on a date with a surprise girl (Johnny, show them what’s behind Door Number 1!). This adds mystery and also does not let the girl-winner become spoiled, shallow, and unappreciative of the 16 guys vying for her attention.

4. Challenges!! No fun challenges here for the guys…
a) Daycare time – Let’s see how well you two last for an entire day with three two-year-olds…by yourself. NO help.
b) Working on a budget – Can you and she agree on how the budget needs to be handled…when she’s handling YOUR money?
c) SURPRISE! Your family dropped in unexpectedly!
d) How do you handle seeing her WITHOUT her make-up? Let’s keep those faces blank, gentlemen.

4. Moving on to the dating area – No fantasy dates here, guys! I have a variety of “real life” dates for you and the girl to go on, including…
a) Going to the movies and discovering your forgot your cash…hope she’s got some!
b) Running into your ex at dinner. Who, by the way, is SMOKING HOT.
c) A date with you and all of her girl friends. You may THINK this is good, but it’s not…because they’re sizing you up immediately.
d) We give you a Mercedes to drive her around in…oh, but did we tell you the gas gauge is broken?
e) Plan a romantic candlelight date. Everything is going perfect, and you’re moving in for the kiss…and your younger sibling knocks on the door, looking for some free food. Yeah, sure, I guess you can have some of our lobster bisque and chocolate truffles…

(Did I mention all of these dates and challenges are on hidden camera? Oh, yeah…)

5. We have the contestants, the rules, and the challenges…now how do people get voted off? Well, of course, the guy, after going through some of the challenges, does have the option of kicking himself off. But, if he goes through the challenges and the “fun” dates and STILL wants the girl…do we let her decide…or America?

You decide. =)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend howls

As I mentioned last week, I got to dog-sit Misti's two Chihuahuas, Sophie and Sammi.

And, well...I think Sophie explains it best. Note that Superdog is beside her, wondering what the heck was going on!

I hope Sophie wasn't traumatized by her experiences at the Super household...

...In other news...

* I found an old classmate on facebook. Yeah, I know, pretty much everyone does, but...I'm not always fond of finding old classmates. However, I saw M and thought, "Hmmm...I liked her in high school. She wasn't crazy. I'll add her." (Yes, this is seriously how my mind works.) So I did, and I got a message from her:

"Hey, did I go to high school with you?"

WOOOAAAHH!!! Talk about a blow to your ego!! Feeling letdown, I responded, "Yeah. My maiden name was *THIS*. I was a grade below you."

She responded and added me this morning. "I thought that was you! You look great!"

So my ego is inflated once again...

Also, closing prayer requests. My Aunt Linda lost her husband on Friday. My heart just breaks for her and her family. He died from a heart attack, in his sleep, but, as Aunt Linda put it, "I've lost my best friend." Pray for her, and pray for the family of a 20-year-old, Terry. Terry was one of my mom's students way-back-when and died in a one-car crash on his way to work last Sunday. It was a very horrific death, and one of my friend's father's had to witness it, while powerless to do anything to save Terry. So be in prayer for that family as well.

To end it on a slightly happy note, tomorrow is my final!!! I'm nervous because, well, I mean, it IS a test, but I'm super excited that I get about a month off (maybe more...we're working on a different "outlook" with my school -- more on that when I have info -- keep us in your prayers that God opens the right doors or keeps me on the path I'm headed if that's in His will). I plan to read everything UNRELATED to school -- starting with this fabulous book. Has anyone else read it? Going to see the movie?

What are you doing this weekend?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hurricane Party, Part IV of MM&M

We got married Sept. 3, 2005.

For those of you who aren’t in Louisiana, that was five days after Hurricane Katrina.

Five days after we were forced to evacuate from Metairie and Luling (where he and I were living, respectively). Five days after we had no clue of what to do, if we had any clothes other than one change (because we left a day before Katrina changed directions and had expected to come back down South on a Monday). Five days after we looked at each other blankly and wondered if we had a house, a car, jobs…any material possessions left at all.

I used to write on xanga, and it actually vividly details the days up to our wedding, with Superman actually posting on my blog every now and then, so I’m just going to pull pieces from that today.

Aug. 28 – Me posting
We are officially evacuees.
Tomorrow, we will likely be classified as victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Guess what our first daughter WON'T be named.

Aug. 30 – Superman posting
Five more days. Wow. I really don't know what to say, except that I have the pleasure of marrying my best friend.
Now, we're faced with some real life decisions that will determine where we are for the next couple of years. Do we come back to the town that we left? If our apartment is un"live"able, we are not going to look down there for a new place. There are things we can do up here that may even be better than what we already have in New Orleans.
Thank you, Lois, for going through this with me. I love you more than life itself, and that will never change. I know we'll make the right decision.
Thank you, friends, for listening to this and praying for us. We need clarity now more than ever.
May God bless ALL the victims and evacuees of Hurricane Katrina. You may have torn apart our home, but you just sewed up closer together than ever before.

Aug. 31 – Me posting
Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Three more days.
I am extremely on edge right now -- not because of the wedding. The wedding is the least of my concerns. Is it okay for you to look at the wedding as a relief to all of your stress? Who does that?
It's so weird to lose all the material possessions you have. Even worse, to wait and know that the next day you won't have anything. It's very disturbing and can definitely eat at you.
I'm getting married in three days! I should be worried about programs and candles and flowers! Not a stupid hurricane!

Sept. 1 – Me posting
Two days to go. I am going to put this stupid hurricane thing away for the next two days. I am going to see myself as a help, not a victim of this tragedy. I wasn't a true victim. I'm not waiting to find out if my family is dead or alive. I'm not waiting by the side of the road, sick and begging for water
I don't feel like a victim. I feel thankful that God has provided more than I could ever, EVER ask for. I am so thankful. I am so blessed.
Two more days!!!! :) I'm getting married!!!

…comment from the Aug. 31 post…I stumbled upon your xanga site while thumbing through Jane Smith’s subscriptions in an attempt to find someone else...I had thought about writing a little something to you two for a few days and after returning to your site this morning and tearing up in compassion for you guys and because I was totally overwhelmed by your love for one another. I thought I would let you know there is some random girl in NY praying for you and totally inspired by your love for one another. My name is Sue, by the way...
God bless you two...I will not give you any advice, because it sounds like you already have the wisdom of God whispering in your ears. May the riches of heaven multiply in your lives as two become one and you overcome the world in Him who loves you.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

The caffeinated randomness without transitions

I did not brush my hair today. How's that for random?

I have this "hair style" that I like to call "loose curls." In reality, it's just me getting out of the shower, throwing some moose (that cannot be the correct spelling, I'm sure) in, and letting it dry (or sometimes not dry if there's too much) naturally"curls." It's my lazy-do but it does fly.

You know you're growing up when you and your husband are offered a free meal at Olive Garden...and you still share a meal. We kinda thought we were splurging by getting diet cokes instead of water. Big spenders here.

These three are all going to be at my house this weekend. Without looking at my profile pic, can you guess which one's mine? (It's all in the costume...)

The other two belong to this gorgeous girl.

Andrea, who hosts CR each week, did an iPod meme, so I wanted to do it, too!!!

Number of songs: 302 songs
Number of albums: Um...I don't know how to find that here
Most recently played song: Use Somebody, Kings of Leon
Most played song: Oooh Ahh, Grits
Most recently added album: It's actually a song because I still haven't bought a new iTunes card (I know I said I'd get one Monday, Rachel! LOL)Love Story, Taylor Swift
First song alphabetically: Achy Breaky Song, Weird Al Yankovich
Last song alphabetically: Your Horoscope for Today, (again) Weird Al
Biggest song numerically: 42, Coldplay
Shortest song: Uh...dunno...
Longest song: Ditto (it's just not so fun when I can't figure that out, is it?)
First album alphabetically: Alapalooza, Weird Al (I promise, I have many more songs that are not Weird Al)
Last album alphabetically: Viva La Vida, Coldplay
First album numerically: I don't have one
Last album numerically: ditto
First five songs that pop up on shuffle:
"A Star to Follow," Trans-Siberian Orchestra
"Harvey the Wonder Hampster"....Weird Al.
"Ornament," Trans-Siberian Orchestra (I really sound like I have NO songs, don't I?)
"Good King Joy."..Trans-Siberian Orchestra
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! "I was Only Kidding," ...Guess. Seriously, just GUESS.

Hope you enjoyed that THOROUGHLY insane meme.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today WILL be better...

Yesterday I was in a funk. You can ask Superman. He had to deal with a very unhappy me last night. Why? No particular reason. I was just in a funk.


* I will study much more.

* I will prepare my presentation for class tomorrow.

* I will finish my story for work and contact the photog about pics.

* I will grade AT LEAST five papers.

* I will pray for meekness (thanks to Nancy Leigh DeMoss -- LOVE her podcasts, especially in the mornings, before the day gets started).

* I will be more grateful for everyone and everything in my life. I am so incredibly blessed, and I did not stop to "smell the roses" yesterday.

And, just for my coffee-drinking bloggers, happiness that comes in a cup...

Ah, coffee. Good morning, world.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Precious Gift, Part III of MM&M

Two months before we were scheduled to get hitched, it was time for the extended family to meet.

My parents had already met his parents, but they got a chance to meet his grandmother and aunt (both on his mom’s side) at a wedding shower hosted by my hometown church (the same one we were married in). His grandmother, Mimi, fell in love with my mom because she, like Mimi, is a teacher (Mimi taught many, many years before Alzheimer’s and other health issues caught up with her). Mimi was already showing signs of Alzheimer’s at this time, though we did not realize the condition yet.

Mom and Mimi sat at a nearby table as Superman and I opened wedding presents. As we were doing so, unbeknownst to me, Mimi was discussing…ah, patience, with Mom.

“You know,” Mimi said, “Superman and Lois have something much more precious to give each other than any of those gifts.”

Alarm bells began to go off in Mom’s head, alerting her that she was about to travel down a road that this ultra-conservative parent did not want to go. Mom kind of said, "Um hum," and tried to let it go. No chance.

Mimi leaned over and whispered, "Their virginity."

Mom didn't reply, and Mimi seemed to think Mom hadn't heard, because she repeated louder, "Their virginity!"

Mom nodded to let her know she had indeed heard, but obviously Mom's simple nod wasn't the response Mimi was looking for because THEN she said, "Because you know, Superman is one, too!"

Yes. That really happened.

When I told Superman and Mom was retelling the story, Superman said, "Well, if you had any questions, at least you know now!"

It's like I told Superman’s aunt: It just wouldn't have been the same shower without Mimi.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Isn't she lovely?

Baby C is here!!!! The happy parents are doing fine. R had to have a C-section, but she's doing well, and Dad, G, is lovin' on his two favorite girls.

C was born yesterday right before 1 p.m. She weighted 7 lbs, 10 oz, and is 20 inches long. And looks just like her mama. Just ask her happy grandmother. =)

Keep the newly-expanded family in your prayers as R recovers from the C-section and as they get to know their new daughter a little more and take her home.

Isn't she beautiful???

Monday, July 13, 2009

That Rainy Day, Part II of MM&M

It’s incredible what dating your best friend can do. We knew everything about each other – the good, the bad, and the ugly. You know how, when you first start dating, you try to keep the crazy away? Well, Superman knew all the crazy that was me – and same goes for him.

We’d been dating about four months when he called me one day and said he had run into his ex (shock and surprise, as we went to the same college and attended BCM). Before I go any further, though, I want to say that what happened in the past is the past. I have no animosity for L by ANY means – she’s a sweet girl, and I wish her nothing but the best in life. But, she IS part of this story, and not all of the memories I have are fond.

L caught up with Superman that rainy day and wanted to talk with him. She and her boyfriend (whom she had left Superman for) had just broken up, and she wanted Superman back (I mean, who wouldn’t? He is Superman after all). I was INFURIATED. How dare she go behind my back and try to steal MY boyfriend? I’m a redhead, guys. When I get mad, I get M.A.D.

But Superman handled it so perfectly.

“I haven’t closed the book on us,” she told him.

“Well, I have,” he replied.

“What if God wants us to get back together?” she asked.

“God would have to physically slam the 10 Commandments over my head and physically tell me I was supposed to be with you – and I don’t think that He wants that,” Superman responded.

Yeah. That really happened. Superman may have taken the analogy a bit overboard, but I think she got the point.

Superman loved me.

He had purchased my engagement ring, and, before long, we started planning a September wedding.

But the families had to get together first.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness: Babies, grades, oh, my!

(FYI: Not my babies.)

How's this for some caffeinated randomness? Who has two thumbs and got a 94 on her midterm in her doctorate class?


As my hubby would text: W00t!!!

AND, if that didn't just have me jumping up and down in my desk during my FOUR HOUR class, one of my friends had her baby last night!! I can't wait to meet MS (his initials) today!!

(There sure are a lot of exclamation marks in this post...)

And today is Chick-fil-a day!!!

(More exclamation points...)

And a wedding this weekend and (possible) lunch with my family AND this wonderful couple below are having their daughter NEXT WEEK!!!

It really is a happy day.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Top Thrill Dragster -- Ohio, Part One

(Pics courtesy of and ME!)

I’ve never felt such a fear in the pit of my stomach.

I stood, staring at the 400-foot-tall straight up and down monster, the Top Thrill Dragster. While we had stood in line with other coasters and watched the people emerge from the thrill ride looking excited, most people who rode on this one just seemed thankful to get off alive and without soiling themselves.

While the four of us visiting Cedar Point Amusement Park, right on Lake Erie in Ohio, stood in the hour-long ride for this torture, we passed a sign that said something along the lines of, “You stupid idiot: Why are you riding this ride? Oh, and btw, guess what? Sometimes it doesn’t make it over the hill. But don’t worry. That’s normal, and we’ll just try again.”

Or, at least, it sounded that way to me.

I’m a thrill seeker. In fact, I made that stupid, asinine statement not 30 minutes earlier to getting in line for the Dragster. Which is why I felt peer pressured into riding the contraption. I mean, everyone else was doing it…even kids who I couldn’t believe passed the height requirement.

We got to the front of the line. Four people stood ahead of us, so it would be two rides (which only took 17 seconds from start to finish – no joke) before we took the plunge. My stomach was tied up in knots. The next group got on the ride.

They slowly rolled about 10 feet out, to the starting point. After that, they would zoom to 120 mph in 4 seconds in order to make the 90-degree angle up 400 feet and then curve over and come straight down 400 feet. It took eight seconds to get up that high and five to get down. I timed it several times.

But, for this group ahead of us, the roller coaster did not go. It stopped.

The machine shut down, and mechanics were called in. MECHANICS WERE CALLED IN. I started praying, “Please, please, please, let it be shut down for good. Let it be DEAD.”

Unfortunately, though, the ride came back to life not 15 minutes later.

The people who were on the comatose ride were still in their seats. No test dummies were shot up. THEY were shot up. I would have needed a change of clothes.

But they survived. And the second group got on. They made it up, up…and over.

And then it was our turn.

Superman looked at me. “It’s okay if you don’t want to ride,” he assured me.

“Do you want to?” I asked nervously.

“Well, yes,” he admitted, “but if you don’t want to ride, that’s fine.”

“No, I’m gonna ride,” I replied. Like I said, if everyone else is doing it…

I buckled my seatbelt as tight as it would go and pulled the small bar across my waist. Where were the shoulder harnesses? If any ride needed a shoulder harness, it was definitely this one –

I had no time to think. I had no time to react. I was suddenly going 120 mph.

I didn’t know if I was going up or down due to the speed. Cautiously, I peeked my eyes open and realized we had reached the top of the hill, and I was looking straight down.

My eyes shut immediately.

I survived the ride. I survived the Top Thrill Dragster, and I gotta admit, it definitely lives up to its name.

But when I was asked if I wanted to ride it again…I said I’d pass.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm back because of MM&M

You knew I couldn't stay away too long.

I'm refreshed and finished with stress and even having one heck of a good day at work.


I'll write about my weekly events, including the super-awesome Ohio trip, starting tomorrow, but, of course, I came back because of Rachel. And her MM&M carnival.

I kind of gave the brief run-down beforehand, but I didn't include too many details. Since I've been kind of going through what some of you have written, I decided to write about our early history instead of us meeting.

(Because neither of us remember our first date.)
(Because he really doesn't remember meeting me. Thanks, dude.)

I had a couple of good girlfriends in college, especially my senior year, but during my sophomore/junior year (I graduated in three years), my really close friends, unfortunately, were Superman and his roommate. I say unfortunately because I think I could have had valuable relationships with the same sex, but, for some reason, I just found it easier to hang out with Superman, Roomie, and Superman's girlfriend (call her L).

The three of us -- Superman, Roomie, and I -- were really close. (I say us three because Superman and L were always arguing, and I wasn't keen on taking sides) I thought of them more as brothers than anything else. When someone was mean to me, they threatened to beat him up. When my car got hit, Superman was the one who came to pick me up. When Superman didn't want to take L back to the dorm, I was the one who took her home (thanks, honey, lol). We always hung out together, and, as L was there, I didn't feel like it was too weird with me being best friends with two guys. She was my buffer.

Then L broke up with Superman. There's a really funny story (okay, it's funny now) that goes along with this, but, as this has become more of a public blog than I realized previously, I'm gonna leave that story out. ;) If your curiosity gets the best of you, I can always e-mail you the juicy details, haha!

Roomie and I were thrilled with this new development. I don't want to put all the blame on L, but she was not nice to Superman. At. All. But he wasn't the great guy that I know and married then either. So when Roomie called me with the news of their break-up, I did a little dance in Target as he cheered on the other end.

Then I started trying to figure out who I could fix Superman up with. Yeah, that's right. I'm insane, I know.

It was in New York that New Year's Eve when I realized that I had feelings for Superman that went beyond just friendship. And that startled me, mainly because he was my best friend -- and I was certain that he just wanted it to stay that way.

I didn't know it at the time, but all of Superman's friends (and most of his relatives) were trying to get him to date me. And my relatives were certain that being "best friends" wouldn't last, and I would have a boyfriend on my hands in a matter of days.

I don't really know how we finally figured out that we should date. We were a little slow figuring out the deal itself (as it took about two months after his breakup with L). Superman was confident that L would come back to him at some time. And she did. But by that time, we already had purchased my engagement ring...

So, Rachel, when's part two supposed to go up? ;)