Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I can now discuss what will forever be known as “That Awful Week.”

We headed down to Super Duper on Sunday, Oct. 3 to begin my week o’ comps. By Tuesday, I told Kyle that I was a bit sad that the week would be known as “That Awful Week” because there were some wonderful times…like eating at some amazing restaurants…running whenever I wanted…going to the zoo!...being with Kyle…There were some pleasant moments, but, overall, the week was Awful. Why? Because of comps.

By Thursday, I told my professor I knew why I was only tested in the morning – because it took me all afternoon to convince myself to go back the next day. It was a long, stressful week, but I’m proud to say that my efforts (and everyone’s prayers!) have paid off.

I passed comps!!

Okay, technically I passed “written” comps, as I have orals still to take, but that will only be an hour. Yes, it will be an awful hour, but it’s an hour. Hallelujah.

Last Friday, I was going a bit nuts because I was supposed to hear back on that day of whether I passed or failed. I waited…and waited…and called…and left messages lol…no response. Then, today:

“Congratulations! You have passed the written comps exam.”

I couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift. =)

Oh, yeah, did I mention it was my birthday? And that today is ROCKING??!! It probably didn’t hurt that I received this little box in the mail yesterday.

Happy birthmonth to me!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Let the Halloween festivities begin!

This blog post's pictures are brought to you solely by camera phone pictures. So...yeah!

"Angry birds" -- who actually came in second place in the costume contest

A cowboy, Bigfoot, and Spencer Breslin (google him)

Decor downstairs at the bar area

Ella the alien =)

"Lucy," on the left, won first prize. Next are an Indian (her husband called her "Poca-hotness"), Angry Bird, and the Sundrop Girl

Nutter butter ghosts!

Our house is apparently haunted, lol!

Graveyard pudding cups (that sadly were not displayed cause SOMEONE, ahem, me, forgot them in the fridge)

Payton the ladybug (without her head)

Vicki's original costume of a chia pet did not work out because I could not find moss. So she went as Eve (as in Adam and Eve) instead...she was not pleased.

More of being not pleased
Great weekend celebrations. =) And even more to follow!!

Lastly, I have to wish my dad a happy birthday today!! I got to see him on Friday, but, unfortunately, I forgot to give him his birthday present -- which, naturally, is unwrapped (I like to claim that I don't believe in wrapping, as I'm quite bad at it). I'm very lucky to have him as my dad and even luckier that he lives (somewhat) close to me. So happy birthday, Dad, and I hope you have a fantastic birthMONTH!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Autumn Breeze

Seriously, with a name like “Autumn Breeze,” you KNOW this is going to be an awesome race.

Though Kelsey and I joked that we were going to beat our 5k-running-hubbys in our 10k, they did (thankfully) beat us – and by more than 20 minutes, too! For two men who have done little to no training, they did pretty well. Not as great as Kelsey and me, but good nonetheless. ;)

We have determined that Kelsey and Kyle have similar running styles, and Dustin and I have similar running styles. Dustin and I are giving it our all the entire race. We don’t sprint; we just keep going. Kelsey and Kyle see the finish line and kick it into high gear – something that I, nor Dustin, have the energy to do.

I’ve tried speeding near the end, and, if I’ve had a good run, I can usually do it when pushed. However, this time, I was having a lot of breathing trouble. My asthma was (and is) acting up, and I was doing good just to stay at my same 6.0 mph pace. Kelsey sprinted ahead and beat me by a few seconds, but we both finished at 1:03. Not too shabby for 6.2 miles!

The Autumn Breeze is always a pretty race. It’s by the river, on a nice path, and you get to go over and under bridges. The first two miles are a bit annoying, as we’re passing up people (and being passed, too) and moving around to get out of the “clogged up” zone. And, of course, there’s the two-mile stretch, where we just go straight for a full two miles. Ugh. Give me a turn or something!! Miles 3 and 4 are a bit sad, but 5 and 6 are exciting, because you KNOW you’re almost done.

This is our second year to do this 10k. And, while it is pretty and is a flat run (always a plus), there’s the swag: the awesome HOODIES you get with this race. Yep, hoodies. In 2009, they were quite hideous, this awful bright orange color that was unflattering on everyone. Glad we didn’t run that race! Last year they were burnt orange and nice, and this year, brown with leaves falling.

Photo courtesy of Tara H.

Sigh. I heart fall.

Oh! And for your eating pleasure, whip up some of these scrumptious gingerbread cupcakes. Rindy and I made these Saturday night after a friend’s wedding, and not only did they make a perfect amount (12 cupcakes), but they are quite tasty and easy to make. You do need to convert the grams into cups, but that doesn’t take too long.

Lastly, our Sunday School class is giving us a housewarming tonight, which I'm really excited about! Soon, I promise, I'm going to start taking pictures of the house and give you a before and after look at our home sweet home.

Friday, October 14, 2011

It's beginning to look like fall

The leaves are falling, the cats are getting their winter coats, and yet it is STILL 80 degrees in Louisiana.

Whatever. I'll turn my air down, and it'll feel like fall in my house. So there, weather. ;)

I'm ridiculously glad right now to have a beautiful oak mantle. I wanted it by Christmas (I mean, seriously, where will the stockings be hung??), but Kyle and our friend C managed to get it up sooner than I hoped!

And then, after a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, I had the decorations I wanted to make this mantle ready for the season change.

(Sorry the pics are a little grainy. I can't find my camera because I'm not unpacked yet, so I don't know where it is, lol!)

Fall mantle...done! Tomorrow...mums!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fur babies

Sweet little fur babies.

My fiesty little Starbuck wants attention...all of the time. She also wants inside...all of the time. It's becoming fairly regular for her to wait outside our side door and jump inside as soon as it opens. It's not that she seems to want to be an indoor cat, but she's definitely curious as to what's inside. 

She has such a different personality from her sister. She pushes Apollo away when I'm petting her instead of Starbuck, and she may nip my toes (or Kyle's legs!) if we are not petting her. She loves being rubbed on the back of her neck. That's her favorite. 

Apollo is one chillin' cat -- unless I'm late in delivering the food. Pet her? Sure, that sounds nice. Don't pet her? Sure, that's fine, too. She loves hiding in the grass and pouncing...and stalking Vicki. She's not pounced on my pooch yet...but I have a feeling that may change soon.

She's getting her winter coat early, and her beautiful fur is bushy and soft. She's my little attack cat, looking for everything small that moves, but she's such a loving little kitty, too.

Both of them got fixed last week. ;) Hooray for that.

And, of course, I must include my sweet Vicki, who has accepted the cats without good grace but does tolerate them and my loving on them.

My sweet pup. She'll be six years old in November. This little pooch stole my heart. Sassy and sweet, she will always be mine and Kyle's original fur baby.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have a new 5k PR.

I know; it shocked me, too! =)

I participated in Bark in the Park a little over a week ago. Bark in the Park is quite similar to what it sounds like. Most dogs only participate in the 1k fun run, but there are dozens of tents set up where you can buy your pups accessories (the Voo almost went home with her own Saints sweater), find “doggie hotels,” and give your fur babies free treats. I absolutely love Bark in the Park.

Vicki seemed a little hesitant at first at the event, but I think that had more to do with the chilly weather and early morning (she’s not a morning dog, ha!). It didn’t take her too long, though, to start wanting out of my arms to explore and “meet” other dogs. I was so proud of her, too, because usually she’s scared of big dogs (let’s remember, she is only five pounds), but she went right up to a Golden Retriever eagerly and wagged her tail.

I started my race, though, and left Vicki with my parents and my dad’s dog, Puddin’. Less than a quarter of a mile in, my shoelace came untied, and I had to spend valuable seconds tying it, which did annoy me.

Honestly, I didn’t expect a PR on this run. I had a goal of finishing under 30 minutes, but that’s all I hoped for. I hadn’t been training, really; I’ve been running longer, but I haven’t been working on my time. Also, I ate very poorly the night before and did not go to bed early. My goal was to run the best I could, though, no matter what. I decided before the race not to take a water break. It was cool out, and I usually train in cooler weather going four miles before a water break, so I decided to go ahead and have that mentality.

I ran. And ran. And, at the last half mile, I started thinking, “I’m going to do well. I may not get a PR, but I’m going to do well. I haven’t stopped for a walk break, and I feel this is going to be a good time.” But I didn’t want to get my hopes up. And I didn’t want to get too excited and mess up my speed. But I had it in the corner of my mind.

And then I crossed the finish line at 28:08.


At the end of April, I ran a hilly 5k at 29:45, which hit my goal of under 30 minutes. First time ever. And, now, five months and a handful of days later, I cut my time by a minute and a half.


Kelsey and I have a 10k this weekend (our husbands and some other friends are doing a 5k), and I’m looking forward to a nice, fun run. It’s a beautiful race, one we ran last year.

Oh. And I may be doing a half-marathon in a month.

We’ll see.