Friday, June 11, 2010

Twitter updates

Day 1
I am taking too many IT classes.

Day 2
I sent myself an e-mail "to do" list yesterday with the first three words for today being, "Don't freak out."

Day 3
Oh my gosh, I think I've got things under control. For this week.

Day 4
I feel lazy. Probably not a good thing.

Day 5
Heading to Super Duper U. The Sirius and I are going 2 fight if it doesn't start working right.

Sirius FINALLY played Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. What a great way to end the day!

However the Sirius radio will be tossed out the window if it doesn’t start acting right!

Day 6
Let the panic attacks ensue. I hate coming back on Tuesdays and being behind in my work.

I. Am. So. Tired.

I have to play 2nd Life for my DOCTORAL class. It's a requirement. Any other "what the heck" moments for today?

Day 7
Do I get points counted off if I tell what a lousy job some professionals did on their tech grant plan? Is that okay?

I am an expert procrastinator. I should teach a class on it.

Day 8
I'm looking forward to having a life next week. I just wish it wasn’t Second Life.

Day 9
Glad my moonlighting for BBW finishes up today. Now I can play 2nd life! (I feel like Jim)


Brooke said...

did you get to mark "don't freak out" off your list??

Lois Lane II said...

Not really, haha!!

Linda said...

don't we all need to send ourselves a "day 2 reminder" every once in awhile! keep that cute head of yours above water. ;o)