Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Round One, Almost Done

Blonde Bombshell Betty
Betty’s got a new ‘do now. =) Charlie sent me a text picture of her trying on different wigs, with one of the messages being, “I’m married to a blonde bombshell.” Heck, yeah!!

She ended up going with a short cut, though, which makes her look really similar to my mom – which I’m sure my mom loves and my aunt would not, as Mom is 11 years older than Betty. However, it’s no doubt they’re sisters.

She’s in her last session of radiation (I believe) this week, and she’ll fly back to Texas on March 5. She’ll stay there two weeks and then she and my other aunt will fly to Chicago for another round of treatments. It should take about a month, I believe, to see if the radiation has had an effect on the tumors in her brain.

The new 'do
Please continue to pray for her and for others that I know who are fighting with this disease. One friend from Bible study mentions her friend’s child, who is at St. Jude right now – and a friend of the child, who has lost his eye due to this awful, awful disease. My husband’s cousin’s father also was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment right now.

We live in a sin-filled world, but we know that this is not our home. God knows we’re hurting, and He knows this is not an easy place to live. That’s comforting to me, to know that I can cry out to our Abba Father, who hears and understands better than anyone else.


misti said...


"This world has nothing for me"

(love Caedmon's Call)

And I love the pics of Bombshell Betty. She looks awesome. And yes...she is definitely your mother's sister! :)

Carol said...

Yes, I am now praying for your aunt. She is smiling in the pictures which shows a great attitude.


Mari said...

She looks really cute with the new wig! Will keep praying...

Ginger said...

Awe, what an awesome message from her hubby!

She does look great.

Still believing with you.


Will pray for those others as well.