Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our book

I earlier mentioned the book that Superman and I have written, and a lot of you had some questions about it, so I decided to dedicate an entire blog to the project that took us the better part of the year to complete. =)

First, a little back story. Superman and I both studied journalism in college. When we dated, we naturally were a little shy and tried to hide the more embarrassing character “flaws,” i.e. our supreme dorkiness. Superman’s came out fairly quickly due to video games, but, as a female, I managed to hide mine a little bit better.

I don’t remember when exactly Superman realized I am just as much of a nerd (okay, maybe more so) as he is, but I do remember the look of pure excitement on his face as he tried to entice me with video games because, “you’d love the storyline.”

Yeah, okay. But I digress.

We both are writers and had some projects that we wanted to write, but due to work and grad school, neither of us were really able to focus on our writing. It took THREE YEARS for us to suddenly have a revelation: why don’t we write a book together?


We came up with a storyline around April, I believe. The book is actually based on something I’ve played around with since high school, altered tremendously, however, as it needed to be. However, we really didn’t start writing until summer, and that’s when the book REALLY kicked off. I would write about 20 pages a week (sometimes more), and Hubby would help me, coach me, and encourage me. He served as editor, mentor, and guide. He had a great plan of where to take the characters, which I was able to put down in writing.

We grew even closer during this time, though I’ll admit it did not come without arguments. Looking back, I see how silly we were about how we argued about the fates of the characters or conversations or how the plot was thickening. We laugh about it now, and, don’t get me wrong: we weren’t fighting then…We just had creative differences, haha.

Editing, though it’s my least favorite activity, became my favorite. I loved waking up at 5:30 a.m. with my husband and drinking a pot of coffee with him as we edited together. Those are my favorite memories of this time. I loved being with him, working on something tangible with him.

We have now sent the book off to several agents, hoping to get a response that they are interested in the book. Hubby wrote the best query letter EVER, and he’s the one who found the agents and has been keeping track of that. I am ever so grateful that he’s organized with that, because we all know I couldn’t do it!

As I was writing this blog, I wanted to kinda describe what our novel is about, and, I felt Hubby had the best description:

“It's an epic fantasy story without all the mythical creatures, medieval castles, and happy endings. It deals with racism, government corruption, and the thin line of discernment between good and evil.”

Thanks, Superman!

And now we wait.


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Brooke said...

very cool! :D

Anonymous said...

Can't waittttt to read! Thanks for your comments too.

Beth said...

I hate waiting. H-a-t-e it.

misti said...

Yippppeeee!! I love my friend the story teller =)

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Does it involve vampires? You know how I feel about that? You'd probably sell a ton of them if you threw some vampire love in.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

This sounds excellent! And it sounds like you two made a perfect team, differences and all - I think that's what keeps it interesting, right?

Here's hoping that we can all buy your book soon!