Friday, December 19, 2008

Pay-it-forward giveaway

I recently (okay, like nearly a month ago) won Rachel’s pay-it-forward giveaway, a crafty tile pendant that she makes, and, therefore, I am required to host the next PIFG.

I’m going to try to explain it as simply as possible because this is my first PIFG I participated in.

1. Leave a comment to get entered into the contest. I will draw three people who will win the prize (will get to that in a moment) and will e-mail you that you won and mail you the prize.

2. The three people who win will host their own PIFG and do the same. Now, naturally, this prize needs not to be extravagant, just a simple treat in the mail. You choose the prize you want to give.

For example, my prize! =D

I’m not crafty by ANY means, so making something was out of the question. And as this is so close to Christmas, I decided against anything really Christmasy. BUT then I visited Jackie’s blog and realized that, hey, it just needs to be something that reflects me.

And what better way than a $5 Starbucks gift card?

So I will draw three names to win my Starbucks prize on Tuesday, Dec. 23 and will announce the winner on Christmas Eve (Merry Early Christmas!). So, please, I need at least three comments so I can have my three winners.

Hooray for coffee!!! (Or hot chocolate. Or delicious hot apple cider.)

(BTW, please ignore the fact that I am holding a Java City cup and not a Starbucks cup. I work on campus, remember. Hehe.)


Mrs. N. said...

Thank you for commenting on Becoming Me today and for calling me fun!! If you read my post Time to Laugh" you know that I get labeled as "too serious" too often. To have someone call me fun...let's just say I am still smiling!! You totally made my day.

Mrs. N. said...

Oh, I hope it is OK, but linked to your contest at All That Naz.

Beth said...

Okya, I don't do coffee! BUT I soooo love hot choc!

misti said...

You don't have to put my name in this, but can I just say THANK YOU for showing me the caramel apple spice cider at Starbucks? I have been dreaming about another one since we had it the other day. So I was thinking on Sunday, maybe we go get that AND something from DD? Haha!

Sarah M. said...

Love the red nails!!

CR said...

I do Starbucks! I'm in!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Ok, I'm just excited that I get to see a pic of you! :)

What a great idea...I've heard of this going around but have never participated. And you absolutely cannot go wrong with Starbucks...perfect.

Anonymous said...

This sounds fun!
I don't drink the smell but don't like the taste so much. My husband thinks I'm crazy. I'm a sucker for a good hot chocolate though...and Starbucks is delicious-oh! I did not know they had hot caramel cider! A must try!