Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Holiday List

Things I would like to get accomplished during my holiday break before I leave to see family:

* Make pancakes for breakfast

* Make this delicious biscotti, recipe courtesy of Misti

* Go to Natchitoches and see the lights

* Have Christmas dinner with friends

* Buy (small) Christmas gifts for our new Sunday School class

* Run a total of 24 miles in four days (WHHHAAATT??! Did I add that correctly? Geez, Louise, SERIOUSLY???!), as I will be out of town starting Dec. 24. Gotta get that running in somehow.

(I'm starting to notice that most of my list revolves around food...)


CR said...

Run = food :) Merry Christmas! I'm looking to having 16 days off and NOT waking up early!!

Bret H. McCormick said...

You can scratch #3 off your list. Been there and done that!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Mmmm, I didn't make it passed the pancakes. ;-) They're my fav.

24 miles???? Go girl!

septembermom said...

Food dominating the list is a good thing :) Wow, you are a runner now!!

misti said...

Well the way I see it, with all that mileage who cares how many times you eat! Hehe

Brooke said...

since i suck at math, i had to break out the calculator. but you can totally do 6 miles a day (assuming you have about an hour to spend running)