Monday, January 11, 2010

Where are you?

Grant Terry’s CD dropped Friday night, and, in celebration, Grant held a concert at one of the area churches. Superman played the keyboard and served as background vocals. It was an awesome night with two bands opening (check out David Dunn – he's AWESOME), children trying to play with Superman's keyboard (a hilarious story, another time), and an opportunity to visit with great friends, even via text message...

Let me give you a little background on my friend C. She’s my next door neighbor, she’s hilarious, and she loves to play pranks (Did I mention the one that involves Superman, curses, and plastic wrap?). Therefore, when I got the first text message, it’s no wonder I was suspicious.

C: I see you…
Me: I don’t see you.

C: Look around.
Me: I did. And I don’t believe you. I think you’re at the movie.

C: Nope…in a little
Me: Where are you then? What color shirt is the singer wearing?

C: The Dwight answer would be … Trick question…There is no singer…black.
Me: Ha! I knew you weren’t here!
Me: Bears beats Battlestar Galactica.

C: What…Snap…Then who am I stalking?
Me: What, wait? Do you really think you see me? Where are you? I’m at Superman’s concert.

C: Me too. At First Baptist Church.
Me: Wrong church there, Sherlock.

C: Snap. What’s going on here?
C: I thought the keyboardist looked weird.
Me: Oh my gosh, are you seriously at a different concert?

C: We give up. We’re going to the movies now. Tell Superman he played well tonight…I guess.
Me: Sad day!

C: Sad day indeed.
C: But a highly entertaining story.

Next blog: Pictures and video of the Grant Terry concert!!


Mari said...

That's a good one! Hope she enjoyed it anyway.

Tricia said...

hey, thanks for the comment. And great job on the long run. :)

David said...

Funny story! Go Cowboys!

sara said...


Lucy Marie said...

Ha! Funny story.

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Brooke said...

lol! poor thing!

septembermom said...

Really fun. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog look. Cool!

Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...

I love that Dwight comes up in your texting! :)