Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The fest is here

Our town’s annual Peach Festival is in full swing this week, even though the activities won’t really start until Friday. Peach eating contests, peach cooking contests (we here in La. like to eat), marketplace vendors, a diaper derby…and friends. Lots of friends.

Some of the old college reporters who I worked with on the newspaper are coming into town this weekend, too, and I’m really excited about meeting up with them (even though my time will be cut short due to the World Cup play time at 1:30, but I digress) and running in my first Peach Fest 5K.

I’m expecting the run to be fairly bad.

With the temperature hitting the three-digit mark pretty much every day this week, my running schedule is from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. Nothing between the daytime hours. However, the 5K is right at 8 a.m.

Seriously?! We couldn’t schedule it for 7 a.m., when it’s just 90 degrees? I’m not kidding! I wake up and run at 6 a.m. and it’s 85 degrees. I’m not used to this hot weather. That’s why I have an A/C.

A couple of years ago, when I worked at the paper with Rindy (which is how our friendship started, btw), we had the pleasure of participating in our first Peach Festival parade. The paper had a float, but to be on the float, you had to help create the huge peach (see pics below). I was more than happy to help out. The theme was "Peaches and Dreams." Aaaannnddd…We won!! Our float was the best float in the parade. Naturally. I mean, look at that float. It's amazing!

Me and Rindy

Me, Tina, Barb, and Mike

Friends and hubby (wearing black)

There was also that Peach Festival when I volunteered and then swore never to do it again. I really think I got a little dehydrated. I was under a tent and only worked two hours, but I truly thought I was going to pass out. Thank God one of Kyle's cousins passed and noticed apparently that I looked a little more pale than usual. He asked if I needed anything, and I requested a drink. Bless his heart for getting me that drink.

This year, though, I'm expecting more memories. My Peach Fest 5k time will NOT be good, let's just go ahead and get that out of the way. If I can finish in 35 minutes, I'll be elated. If not, well, I will have a T-shirt from it anyway. =)


misti said...

Ahhh, the peach fest! Fun times. Last year I worked the 5k because our hospital sponsored it. It wasn't nearly this hot last year though!!

P.S. Are you REALLY complaining about your dresses being too big?! ;) JK - but I'm not skilled enough yet to alter...I might murder your pretty dresses beyond recognition! hehe

septembermom said...

I'm sure you'll look great in that t-shirt!! And I know you'll do awesome. Great pictures!

Kelsey said...

i dont even know if i want to run anymore. its too hot and im too slow. maybe we can really push each other!

Brooke said...

good luck! i'm sure you'll do great...assuming you don't have a heat stroke of course!!