Monday, October 24, 2011

Let the Halloween festivities begin!

This blog post's pictures are brought to you solely by camera phone pictures. So...yeah!

"Angry birds" -- who actually came in second place in the costume contest

A cowboy, Bigfoot, and Spencer Breslin (google him)

Decor downstairs at the bar area

Ella the alien =)

"Lucy," on the left, won first prize. Next are an Indian (her husband called her "Poca-hotness"), Angry Bird, and the Sundrop Girl

Nutter butter ghosts!

Our house is apparently haunted, lol!

Graveyard pudding cups (that sadly were not displayed cause SOMEONE, ahem, me, forgot them in the fridge)

Payton the ladybug (without her head)

Vicki's original costume of a chia pet did not work out because I could not find moss. So she went as Eve (as in Adam and Eve) instead...she was not pleased.

More of being not pleased
Great weekend celebrations. =) And even more to follow!!

Lastly, I have to wish my dad a happy birthday today!! I got to see him on Friday, but, unfortunately, I forgot to give him his birthday present -- which, naturally, is unwrapped (I like to claim that I don't believe in wrapping, as I'm quite bad at it). I'm very lucky to have him as my dad and even luckier that he lives (somewhat) close to me. So happy birthday, Dad, and I hope you have a fantastic birthMONTH!


Mari said...

Looks like fun - love the costumes!

misti said...

Fun stuff! I'm partial to the alien! :) Haha LOVE the angry birds!

sara said...

great costumes!!! I haven't been to a costume party in a long time!!

Brooke said...

ella's hat is adorable!!!