Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fur babies

Sweet little fur babies.

My fiesty little Starbuck wants attention...all of the time. She also wants inside...all of the time. It's becoming fairly regular for her to wait outside our side door and jump inside as soon as it opens. It's not that she seems to want to be an indoor cat, but she's definitely curious as to what's inside. 

She has such a different personality from her sister. She pushes Apollo away when I'm petting her instead of Starbuck, and she may nip my toes (or Kyle's legs!) if we are not petting her. She loves being rubbed on the back of her neck. That's her favorite. 

Apollo is one chillin' cat -- unless I'm late in delivering the food. Pet her? Sure, that sounds nice. Don't pet her? Sure, that's fine, too. She loves hiding in the grass and pouncing...and stalking Vicki. She's not pounced on my pooch yet...but I have a feeling that may change soon.

She's getting her winter coat early, and her beautiful fur is bushy and soft. She's my little attack cat, looking for everything small that moves, but she's such a loving little kitty, too.

Both of them got fixed last week. ;) Hooray for that.

And, of course, I must include my sweet Vicki, who has accepted the cats without good grace but does tolerate them and my loving on them.

My sweet pup. She'll be six years old in November. This little pooch stole my heart. Sassy and sweet, she will always be mine and Kyle's original fur baby.


Tara said...

Starbuck is my favorite. I feel like we bonded early on. Though, he would probably run from me now...

Tara said...

I mean, Starbuck is my favorite cat. Your Aunt Tara loves you Vicks!

Mari said...

They are both so cute! We've had a few cats and they all have such different personalities. Ours gives us lots of laughs!

Sara@TCme said...

My how they have grown! I love how different cats can be. (dogs too)
My oldest, Tabitha loves milk so she stalks us when we have cereal, and now the little one, Bella she is BOLD, I mean she will get on your lap and nudge your face out of the way, or Mow right at you.

misti said...

Gotta bring Sophie over to know how she loves cats! And how she thinks she is one.

sara said...

I'm thinking Vicki would probably pay someone to get rid of the cats! ha!