Monday, December 19, 2011

How I love them

We gathered together Saturday to honor Betty, to remember her for her love, her generosity, her humor, and her spirit. It was the first time we all had been together in a long time, and, more importantly, it was the first day that the three great-grandbabies -- Joshua, Jack, and Miriam -- met.

Three babies, all looking the wrong direction
Of course, none of the great-grands had the desire to all look at the camera at the same time. I understand Miriam's excuse. I mean, she is only three months old. The boys, however, know to look at the camera, lol!

JuJu and Jack
 She's just getting some quick practice in. Her first grandchild is due Dec. 26. How fun is that!!

My grandmother is holding her first great-granddaughter. I absolutely love this picture. My only regret is not getting Miriam's mother and grandmother in this picture as well. As it is, though...I'll just be happy with Miriam and Granny. =)

Granny, Miriam, Jack and Nicole, his aunt
See?? I told you Jack knows how to look at the camera!

How many women does it take to get two cute boys to look at a camera?

 Apparently, six....(counting me!)

Joshua still does not understand that he's no longer the only great-grand in the family. This has apparently not been an easy adjustment for him, ha! As you can tell by these pictures, he's not all that sure of Jack!

And, of course, my husband wanted to play with all of these sweet angels...

Jack, his grandfather, and his great-uncle

They're having their first child within a few weeks, and it'll be Baby Boy No. 3 (for our family, at least!)! It's the first grandchild for my aunt and uncle. Who's excited? We all are!

My husband playing with Joshua
Joshua gets some lovin' from his grandmother.
My mom holds sweet Miriam
Oh, aren't these babies adorable?? And we're all just a bunch of "baby hogs" lol!! If someone was holding one of them, it would not be five minutes before that bundle of joy was passed along to someone else. It's so much fun having them around, and I can't wait to watch these little angels -- and Bryce and Katie's, who is due any day! -- to grow up in our family.


Brooke said...

we have a "Juju" in our family - its the princess & little man's name for their baby sitter/3rd grandma Mary Jo

Mari said...

What adorable kids! Betty would have loved to see all of you enjoying yourself and being together~!

Anonymous said...

Ok the white rocking chair pics are the cutest! You should just scan and create the generational photos you want. They would make fun Christmas gifts.

Sommer said...

i love karmin! the girl is soo sooo pretty.

misti said...

Sweet, sweet babies! Kyle looks like a natch! ;)

Rach@In His Hands said...

What precious little darlings.

Praying for your sweet family!

Joyeful said...

All those babies!! What fun!! and total cuteness!!