Thursday, April 12, 2012

A few quotes, a baby, a dog, and some fudge

Student: “Could I write an article about the effects of being high…while high?”
Me: “I am not going to advocate you getting high.”

Student: “I thought prostitution was legal everywhere.”

(as students are cleaning out the lab)
Student: “Yeah, I’m mixing bleach, 409, and something else.”
Me: “You know that can kill you possibly, right?”
Student: “No, it can only kill you if you put it up to your nose.”
Me: “Um…no.” (then jokingly) “Haven’t you ever heard of Agent Orange?”
Student: “What’s that? Some super amazing household cleaner?”
I almost told her yes…and then I realized if I did, I would be responsible for her death.

Alumna: “Did you get my email a few days ago about *graduate*? I wonder what happened to him.”
Me: “I do not think I did.”
Her: “I heard *graduate* died. I'm just wondering what happened to him.”
Me: “I had not heard about that.”
Her: “Can you check with the other alumni to find out what happened?”
Yes, I can, but I won't...

Student: Sunrise is when the Easter Bunny comes and delivers my chocolate, so I’m not up at that time.

Student: I’m just saying, I felt crusty stuff by the faucet.

It’s not all been silly quotes and emails around here, though. I also got to meet this three-month cutie who I’ve heard so much about.

Me, Kyle, and my cousin and his wife's little baby

He is a cutie pie!!
He’s just as sweet as they claimed, too.

As usual, the Voo got into the clothes while we were at work…

…and this is why every article of clothing I own has some form of dog hair on it.

Also, I MUST introduce y’all to funfetti fudge. Dear goodness, it is without a doubt the BEST fudge that I’ve ever made – even better than the peanut butter and dark chocolate that is my husband’s downfall.

The picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s so flipping good. And, frankly, fairly easy to make.

1 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk
3 cups white chocolate
3 tsp vanilla
½ tsp almond (which is where the heavenly flavor comes in)
Rainbow sprinkles
(Okay, seriously, you could probably leave the sprinkles out. But it makes the fudge look so pretty!!!)

Melt the condensed milk and white chocolate together. Add the vanilla and almond and mix together. Then quickly add the sprinkles – you’ve got to do this quickly because those sprinkles like to melt and then it won’t look as pretty.

Transfer to an aluminum-foiled pan and then let it harden in the refrigerator. Or freezer if you’re impatient and licking the spoon’s just not cutting it.

Happy Thursday! One more glorious day til the weekend!


Brooke said...

are we so old that the youth haven't heard of agent orange???

Mari said...

You hear the craziest things!
That baby is seriously cute. :)

Sara@iSass said...

I agree with Mari, you do hear the craziest things. And can I say your hair is getting so long!

misti said...

Your fudge was yum!!