Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The winner of the Great Pee Pad War

My dog is almost seven years old. SEVEN. In dog years, you’d think she’d have some wisdom. Maybe she does, as she has been declared victor in the Great Pee Pad War.

A few months ago, after realizing that she only apparently “needed” to go to the bathroom during the night at our house (as she rarely had accidents at my parents), we decided to save money and plastic and do away with the pee pads. After all, we debated, she IS six years old. She IS trained to go outside. She obviously CAN hold it through the night.

So we took away her pee pads.

And did she rebel.

Spanking her with a magazine and showing her the problem did no good. And she KNEW what she was doing was wrong. When we’d head near the “present,” she’d go hide. Suddenly we were cleaning up dog presents sometimes twice a day!

Therefore, after a long, stinky battle, I threw in the paper towel and signaled defeat. Last night, in honor of her victory, I placed a pee pad by the door. She accepted our loss with poo…on the pee pad.

On that note, I hope no one was eating a late lunch or a snack. Ha! In case you were, I have included pictures from my alive (surprisingly) and thriving rose bush. Turns out my lack of gardening is the best way to garden.


Brooke said...

i know nothing about dogs, their poop, or pee pads.

but your roses are pretty

Sommer said...

Ella likes to go pee in the guest bedroom while i'm in the shower. she also pees in the exact same spot every time matt and i have "alone time." and she did go through of phase of peeing on the floor during the night (she was not a pee pad fan), so she spent a few months wearing a diaper at night.
ohhhhh rebellious dog potty stories...i got em.

p.s. we had 6 friends over to play Catan one night in nola...ella craps under the dining table we're playing on. we have to open doors and light candles and turn the fan on. mortifying.

septembermom said...

That's a battle!

Beautiful rose bush :)

misti said...

Hahahahaha Sommer put Ella in a diaper!

Please put Vix in a diaper! Please?

You know we call Sophie the Mad Shatter, so I feel your pain. I really do.