Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Adventures of Puddin’

*Ghostwritten by the author of the blog

I can’t believe my dad left me here at this house…with these people…with that dog. He takes me everywhere! I bet his wife is to blame. She keeps complaining about my dog hair. But they shaved and bathed me yesterday, so I am a clean dog. So it couldn’t be that. They must have forgotten me…or that girl made them leave me. I bet it was her fault.

The girl gave me a treat, which I ate on the couch, and she scolded me. My owner WILL hear about this. I glared at her. She also got mad that I left crumbs on the couch. I don’t see the problem.

I whined on the couch for a while, trying to let the owners and their dog, Vicki, know that I needed to go home. They ignored me. So I jumped up in that girl’s arms in her reading chair. She held me and petted me, which was a surprise. I thought she didn’t like me.

The girl let Vicki and me outside to roam the backyard. That was so much fun! We saw a turtle, but Vicki was more interested than I was. It’s a turtle, after all. Slow-moving and hiding. Not much fun.

They have a cat, too, and Vicki and I LOVE chasing cats. Vicki said this cat has been mean to her, too, so I was happy to chase the cat with her. We treed the cat, who hissed and plotted her revenge.

That night, we went downstairs to watch TV, and the girl held Vicki and me on the couch. Vicki was not pleased that I took her spot, but she can deal with it. I’m the princess in this family. She’s just a dog.

It’s been a fun adventure, but I’m ready for my owner to come get me. I haven’t had a strawberry or piece of meat in nearly 24 hours, and if I don’t get human food soon, I may not be able to make it up those stairs in the girl’s house again.

And when he does come to get me, I’m going to tell on all of them.


Brooke said...

"i'm gonna tell..." :P~

Mari said...

Poor Puddin'!

misti said...

Oh, that dog... Puddin is one of a kind.

You're just mad you've been replaced! Hahaha!

septembermom said...

Too cute!