Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coffee snob

I am an official coffee snob. I am also a coffee addict, which means that I’ll basically drink anything black and caffeinated if necessary. However, as Ginger asked me recently about my favorite Keurig flavors, I thought I would dedicate an entire post to my coffee snobbery.

My husband purchased me a Keurig as a surprise a little over a year ago, and first, I’d like to say that Keurig rocks my socks for two reasons: 1) You can purchase a little K-cup converter and have any of the regular brand coffees you desire (and is also cheaper than the actual K-cups) and 2) they’re customer service is ridiculously awesome. Seriously. I am actually on my second Keurig right now. My first one broke, and because I had registered my Keurig when I bought it, the company sent me another one free of charge. Granted, it was hard those few days without a coffee pot, but I’m a big Keurig fan thanks to their CS.

Anyway, this isn’t an ad for Keurig, but they are pretty amazing, so let’s first discuss my favorite K-cup varieties.

Non-flavored varieties

Caribou: This is a rich, bold coffee that is strong without being too overwhelming. Any variety Caribou has is automatically my favorite. It’s a little more expensive than the regular K-cup varieties, so I don’t buy it as often, but it’s well worth the price.
Dark Magic: Do not buy this unless you are a fan of extra bold coffees. However, as far as extra bold goes, this is a win.
Sumatran Reserve: Not only is this a fair trade certified coffee, but it’s also just awesome.  Like Dark Magic, it’s a bold Green Mountain coffee, but it doesn’t have the kick that DM does. This is my favorite extra bold coffee by far, though. I recently found a package of these in my trunk that had fallen out of a box during our move, and I nearly wept in happiness.
Coffee People’s Donut Shop Coffee: This is pretty good. I don’t get it every time I purchase K-cups (I buy in bulk – saves on shipping), but I do enjoy it. If you’re not a big bold coffee person but still like a full-bodied blend, this is the one to pick.
Flavored varieties

I do enjoy a few flavored varieties on occasion. I don’t drink them every day, but on a Saturday or Sunday morning, they’re pretty good.

Wild Mountain Blueberry: Okay, don’t freak out. I know, I know, the idea of blueberries and coffee just sounds awful, but it does not taste like blueberries. It does smell like blueberries, though, which, to me, is okay. It’s a good coffee, perfect for sitting on a porch while reading on a summer morning.
Island Coconut: Again, same with the blueberries. The smell is fantastic, too. It’s a very light coffee, and while I’m not a light coffee person, this one is still one of my favorites because of its smell and taste.
Cinnamon Roll: It seems that all flavored coffees are light blends, but that’s okay if they’re not an everyday coffee for me. This one is a little bit bolder than the other two I mentioned, and it could be an everyday coffee. Smooth, with a hint of cinnamon aroma – it’s great.
Of course, there are the regular coffees that I absolutely love and purchase as often as I get the opportunity, which include:

PJ’s Mardi Gras blend: Seasonal coffee and only found in south Louisiana (or at PJ’s Coffee shops), I try to buy this up when I run my yearly half-marathon in the late winter/early spring.

Kenya AA or Red Sea Blend: If you see anything labeled Red Sea Blend, LET ME KNOW. I very much miss this from my favorite coffee shop, FroMo, which has since closed.

This isn’t to say that I won’t partake in come CC or 8 O’Clock or even Folgers. I will. But these are the winners in my coffee addiction...for now. ;)


Brooke said...

i've purchased the reusuable k-cup, but still working thru my stash. of course need to bookmark this post for future reference. (I'm a keurig newbie)

Sommer said...

I will never be able to get matt to give up his french press...he will forever grind his own beans while i could basically care less. i do want to try some chemex here in the pdx...oh and our office just got an espresso machine. who does that?

Mari said...

I don't drink coffee, but my hubby does and he loves the Keurig. I'm going to pick up some of the flavors you mentioned for him.

Lisa said...

There really IS a personal science to coffee, isn't there?

I am a no-frills coffee drinker...if its got any flavoring outside the "normal" coffee flavor, I can't do it.

I'm way too dang cheap to do Keuirg, plus I do three-ish cups in the morning, so its worth it to have a pot sitting there. I also drink almost exclusively de-caf.

Love talking coffee with people, or even better, talking OVER coffee. :)

sara said...

I am a coffee snob too....that's why I am so thankful my son works at coffee is good coffee is better!

I think I am too lazy for a keurig. My husband gets up first and makes the coffee..all I have to do is pour my 3 cups each time! :)

Anonymous said...

From one coffee snob to another... this post rocks. I cannot wait to try out some of these. I love that you mentioned how the flavored blends are lighter. Now I will know better where to look for that stronger taste I prefer. {I love this coffee pot!}