Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Attack of the moths

I have never seen anything like it before in my life.

Last night, Superman and his best bud, Walkerboy, were sadly watching the dismal Saints’ game on television. They had just said good-bye to another friend, who left right before halftime.

I had been in the back room working and came up around the time the friend left and spotted one, two, no – three moths flying around in my dining room.

The door had only been open for a brief moment. I was shocked that three moths had been able to fly in during those few seconds.

Walkerboy and Superman (okay, mainly Walkerboy, haha!) played hero to capture the moths and place them back outside (though Superman was trying to use his astounding abilities with a fly swatter). Then…we realized there were more than three moths.

More than a dozen – and, no, I am NOT exaggerating – had somehow gotten into the dining room and were fluttering around the light.

It was pure hilarity to watch Superman and Walkerboy find and capture all of these flying, jumping moths, but it also was a little unnerving at the massive number that had swooped inside.

I’ve never seen anything like it inside a home before. Walkerboy said he caught at least seven, and I know I cleaned up around seven bodies. It took up all 15 minutes of halftime to catch/kill the moths.

I wish I had taken a picture now. I mean, who could believe that a dozen or so moths would flock to the dining room in mere moments?

Like moths to a flame…I suppose.


Rachel said...

Um... yuck. I would have dove under the table and hid.

misti said...

Haha, my hero! He catches bugs for me too ('cause you KNOW this girl ain't going near anything that crawls or flies). Oh my gosh - quick story about how I almost had a stroke this weekend: I was on the back porch at my parents and kept seeing something on my shoulder. Kept thinking it was my hair, so there is no telling how long that enormous brown spider sat on my shoulder. I'm not lying.

Lois Lane II said...

WHAT?? I would have been screaming my head off. I'm always so scared at football games when I have to go on the field that a bug is going to fly on me, and I'm going to make a total idiot of myself running on the field with the players, trying to get the bug off. Lol!!

CR said...

Yikes, that's no fun!