Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Drilling in my head

It's a very, very good thing that I stopped by Starbucks this morning and got my mocha.

Though I might throw it at the window in a few moments.

SOMEONE, someone intelligent, no doubt, with a GREAT deal of time on his hands, who does NOT work in the same building as me, came up with this idea. I have no doubt of it. SOMEONE decided that our building needed cleaning.

Okay, I can buy that. Sure, why not.

Monday was not too bad. We saw them spraying the building and whatnot, but it was no big deal. This is cool.

Tuesday they took up one-third of our parking spaces. Not cool. And the spraying got harder. As in my-blinds-are-on-the-inside-of-the-window-and-they-moved spraying. And, NO, I am not making this up. Oh, and the noise? So loud that I could not talk to my students when they came in my office yesterday.

Today, though, I might lose my mind. They are DRILLING. On what? I have no stinking idea. Well, to be honest, they might be sanding. That's a possibility. But it is RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. I look behind me and see their shadows outside my blinds.

And the sound? Ridiculous. Pandora Radio coming through my PC speakers can't drown it out.

You know what it sounds like, though? Dentist drilling. Maybe that's because I'm going to the dentist today (SO much fun going on today!), but imagine the sound of a dentist's drill magnified by 100.

Oh, and did I mention I can feel the vibrations in my feet?

I would throw something at the window. I really would. But I do realize that this would not accomplish anything.

Lucky them.


Brooke said...

good luck at the dentist. sounds like you need a more exciting get away!

misti said...

This reminds me of when i took my boards in downtown Houston...they had those jackhammer drills going on all around the room I was testing in. Infuriating!! Not like it was an important test or anything!!

septembermom said...

That would drive me crazy too! It's so hard to concentrate with that constant pounding sound. Hope they finish whatever that work is soon. Sorry that you have to hear drilling on dentist day, that's not fair.

Anonymous said...

Go smash something. It'll make you feel better. :)

Sarah M. said...

So sorry! I know how that noise can grate!!! The worst was the day they were blowing in our insulation. They used an air driven stapler to attach the fabric holding the insulation. They were seriously stapling for 6 hours, and I was here all day!!!

Lisa said...

I thought you were going to say they sprayed your car and ruined that paint. I guess that would be worse. Good luck at the dentist...I love the feeling of super clean teeth.

Anonymous said...

constant noise when you are trying to concentrate, not a good thing! i hope your dentist appt. went okay!

Sherry said...

Good grief! Can they do any of this with BIG lights and work at night while no one in working in the building?