Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heart of worship

This is really more of an observation than anything else. Just warning. ;)

Nothing else is as wonderful as worshipping God. Nothing else can compare to it. It doesn't matter if I'm worshipping at church, at home, in the car, through song, through praise, through reading my Bible, through prayer...when it happens, love, God's pure, holy love fills me, overflowing to those around me. He grabs me and says, "You are My child, and I love you."

Nothing else in this world can compare to that.

Let not mercy and truth forsake you;
Bind them around your neck,
Write them on the tablet of your heart.
Proverbs 3:3

Happy is the man who finds wisdom,
And the man who gains understanding;
For her proceeds are better than the profits of silver,
And her gain than fine gold.
She is more precious than rubies,
And all the things you may desire cannot compare with her.
Proverbs 3:13-15


septembermom said...

Thank you for sharing those proverbs. "Write them on the tablet of your heart." Beautiful.

Brooke said...


Made me think of that song "Love is in the house and the house is packed."

Anonymous said...

Amen! Right back at you sister! Love this! Be in prayer for my sis. Click on that link on my post. She is going through a trying tie right now. Thanks so much,so glad I found you in bloggy world!


Anonymous said...

uh... need correct trying time!

Silly error.


Anonymous said...

Ok... Hello! Are you catching these errors? Can you say tired?? As in, I meant to say, "Need I correct... " or even, Need to correct... "

It's called proofreading Ginger... ha!

Off this thing for now. Please forgive my errors.


Rach@In His Hands said...

Amen! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Growin' with it! said...

you know, my heart can be all hard and my attitude all snooty and a worship song melts me like none other! what a privilege we have to worship this amazing God of ours!

Sara@i.Sass said...

GOD is so GOOD. I needed this little truth today. :)

Anonymous said...


i can worship and sing to the song "I Stand (Amazed) in the Presence"!

Rena said...


And what you commented on my recent blogpost...I SO understand you. I often think, do they know that there are always going to be hypocrites in church? God's Word says the wheat and tares would grow together.

I'm adding you to my blogroll today...

Been needing to take a moment to do that...


LuAnn said...

Thanks for an awesome post!!!!

Anonymous said...

In Old Testament times Hebrew men would sometimes place passages from the written Word of God into containers, and bind these containers around their necks, across their forehead, or on their upper arms.

These contraptions were called “phylacteries,” and were designed to remind the wearer at all times of the importance of remembering God’s commands. In modern English we have come close to taking the idea of a “phylactery,” and making it into something lewd by combining it with the prefix “pro,” meaning “before.” The idea is that a “prophylactic” is something that prevents the consequences of an immoral act before it occurs.

In contrast, Proverbs 3:3 describes God’s plan for preventive measures against sin. “Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart:” A Christian who wants to please the Lord will keep his head down in the Bible on a regular basis to prevent his neck from swiveling around to gaze at every worldly temptation that passes by. He will also go to the trouble (and pleasure) of memorizing Scripture so that it will be written on his heart when he encounters temptation.

Rather than tying actual pages to his arm, a Christian will show forth his true love for Christ in open and obvious ways, thereby wearing his “heart” on his sleeve.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I love true. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed when I'm worshipping, realizing that my Father loves ME, just because.