Wednesday, February 17, 2010



My students did AWESOME at the Southeast Journalism Conference this year. We had three first places and a handful of second and third places. We also received third in on-site competitions (meaning we had lots of winners!). Also, as no one was arrested and we didn't get thrown out of the hotel, I consider the trip a success.

My husband sent my favorite flower – tulips – to my office for an early Valentine's Day gift. I was so surprised that when they brought flowers into my office, I asked, "Oh, wow! Who got flowers?"

I received a king cake and Community coffee, and a New Orleans Saints Championship shirt from Mama Belle and the Hat Chick, respectively. More about that tomorrow when I have pictures (but I will spare you the pictures of the spare tire I now have after eating said king was very good!).

I spent two lazy days at home for Mardi Gras drinking coffee and watching the Steve Wilkos show...Quite an experience.

No news on Mary Margaret. Thank you for your prayers and concerns. One of my students’ bosses went missing last week as well. She received a text Friday evening saying he committed suicide, so please be in prayer for his new wife, friends, and family.

I made a new friend, Kelli, through Exemplify Online. Wait til you see the interview column I wrote profiling her volunteer work with prison ministry. She’s quite awesome.

Eleven more days before the half-marathon. I'm planning on making a ten mile run Thursday afternoon (SURPRISE, Rindy! LOL).

Husband made sushi last night. Needless to say, I ate a lot. (Eating seems to have been the theme over the past few days...)

Saw lots of friends over the weekend. It's hard to beat having a weekend with good food and great friends. Just saying.

Met up with my aunt and grandmother yesterday. =) We had a great time, though it was short. And we made the vital exchange: I handed over the earrings my dad got my mom for V-Day that I had been hoarding (and wanting to wear...) and she gave me a super awesome jacket for Superman and an Easter dress she bought for me. Husband was extra excited to dress up all snazzy this morning to go to work.

And, while I didn't wear my Easter dress to work (obviously), I did actually dress up. I figured I needed to after wearing Saints attire two weeks out of the last three...


Brooke said...

love that he got you tulips - the fun of flowers but with a creative twist. :)

EEEEEEEEE ten miles - then its on to 13.1!!! you're going to have people there taking lots of pics right?

Anonymous said...

Great recap! Will email you.

misti said...

ten miles, you two are BEASTMODE! cheeeers for senior auxiliary! LOL

septembermom said...

Tulips are so sweet. Congrats to your students. I'll continue to pray for Mary Margaret.

Anonymous said...

Well, sounds like you're having a great life. I like tulips too. Awesome that your hubby sent them to work. Sorry no news on the missing woman you know. We'll keep prayin. Good luck with run!!


Mari said...

I love Tulips - they're my favorites.
Sorry there is no news on Mary Margaret, I was wondering.

Brittany Ann said...

Congrats to you and your students!

Warren Baldwin said...

Thanks for the visit to and nice comment on Family Fountain. I hope you'll visit again.

Do you teach journalism in college? Congratulations on your students doing so well.