Monday, February 1, 2010

Geez, Louise, WHAT?!!!

So as I flipped my calendar to February, I realized something monumental:

My half-marathon is in 28 days.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathebreathebreathe.

This realization resulted in my training buddy receiving about a dozen IMs and regular messages from me detailing tentative running schedules, goals we need to achieve, etc. I'm sure she was thankful when I got off Facebook. ;)

This month, we have to be diligent.

This month, we have to make all of our runs.

This month, somehow, we still have to get enough sleep to survive.

This month, we cannot get injured. (Seriously, do you know how royally TICKED I would be if I twisted my ankle or something at this point in the game??)

If anyone else there is running/exercising, join up at the DailyMile. It's a cool little feature I just discovered, and Brooke uses it, too.

Oh, and one last thing: Apparently, I fixed the coffee maker. Don't know how, but now it gives me coffee with one gentle push. With one hand. Totally the opposite of how it acted the first time. Go figure. I'm just happy I (*cough* well, the hubby) don't have to stand in line and return it. I have no patience for lines.

Tonight: Three (or five?) miles!!!


Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

SO exciting!! Have fun getting ready. I am not a runner - and I have to say all of you who are just really impress me!

Kayla said...

You will do awesome! :-) I wish I could run a half! Gosh, I'm lucky to do the Bix 7 in Davenport, IA which is 7 miles, but a lot of hills! Good luck!!

misti said...

You should practice carb loading for the half on one of your big run days! But not in front of me or I might punch you for getting to eat all the carbs without feeling guilty! LOL

Brooke said...


what training plan are you using? i'll tell you the most difficult week of the whole schedule was tappering the week before. it was so hard to not push myself to go further/harder

SusanD said...

Thanks for the DailyMile tip and link. I joined up today. I'm hoping it will help motivate me. Have a great run. Blessings, SusanD

BTW, are you ready for some football? ahahaha :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you have caffeine again. Running without it probably wouldn't be good. ;-)


septembermom said...

Keep breathing. You'll do great!

Growin' with it! said...

you've got problem! here's to the last victory mile and lovin' every minute of it.

Rach@In His Hands said...

You'll do great! Go Lois Go!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your half marathon! How exciting that is so soon! I am so glad you stopped on over at my blog and I can't wait to hear about your last few weeks of training leading up to the big day! :)