Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello, Friday. I've missed you.

I woke up today and thought it was Saturday. Don't you know I was sad when I had to get up.

I watched "Food, Inc." yesterday and now don't want to eat meat. I even tried to eat seafood yesterday and nearly couldn't. Thanks, evil food corporations that abuse our animals. It's not that I don't like meat -- I LOVE meat. But I don't want harmone-injected chickens or abused cows that stand in their own feces.

That's another matter for another day, though.

I did not wake up and run this morning, due to staying up too late last night. I don't think I would have done NEARLY as well today as yesterday, though, so it's probably a good thing I slept those extra 30 minutes.

The smell of burnt coffee in our office makes me gag.

I'm having to go through this blog as I write it and take out the overly-sarcastic comments. It's like the notes from class that I e-mailed to a friend yesterday. I had to put a note in there saying, "Sorry I put sarcastic comments all through my notes. I get bored in class."

Examples (directly from notes regarding psychoanalysis):

Characters can achieve great things through sublimation (I think. Frankly, it’s 9:09 and I’m on autopilot.)

Regression – return to an earlier stage of development in life, like when someone was a child, which may provide a temporary release from the anxieties of adult life (Is this what happens when I want to go to the zoo???!!)

Anti-hero – one type we’ve seen in some films is a hero who has a cynical or wounded quality about him. Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. Sawyer. Just sayin’.

I don’t know what all he’s saying at this point.

Happy Friday! It's finally here!


misti said...

Nice Bogie/Sawyer parallel!! I am still holding out that Sawyer and Juliet reunite at a coffee shop somewhere. And Rick and Ilsa for that matter.

And as for the meat aversions related to guilt for the disgusting treatment of God's creatures...welcome to my world :)

Aleta said...

Hehe, I love the last one! Leave the sarcastic comments in, it's fun to read :)

Anonymous said...

A healthy dose of "burn CR?" ha!

sara said...

I agree with Aleta....leave the sarcastic comments in ...... gives us a good laugh!

The Hat Chick said...

"don't know what all he's saying at this point"....I nearly fell off the chair laughing! At least tomorrow is Saturday.

David said...

I like your sarcastic notes! Hope you had a great Saturday!

Brooke said...

I love sarcastic comments - you should have left them :D