Friday, April 30, 2010

PDA, the online kind

It used to be that we’d gag if we saw a couple (especially a teenage couple) making out by a building or on the bus or at the movies. That was how it was when I was a teen – PDA came in a physical form.

But now, we have the electronic versions – the Facebooks, the MySpaces, the Twitters. They have become the new avenue for PDA – and they’re EVERYWHERE.

An “I love you” here and there on your significant other’s Facebook wall is acceptable and appropriate. Excited about a date? That’s cool. In fact, if you want to joke around every now and then and put something cutsey, that’s fine. But mushy and totally unnecessary? Gag me with a spoon and send it through the inbox.

Examples of real life Facebook PDA:

Husband, writing on his wife’s Facebook wall
“I just spent my day with the love of my life, my wife, my one and only, my true love.”
Then why do you feel the need to tell her?

Boyfriend to girlfriend:
“I love that when we’re mushy on Facebook, everyone can see.”
I hate you.

Also unacceptable: Every. Stinking. Status. Update. About. Your. Boyfriend/Girlfriend. We UNDERSTAND that you’re infatuated/in love/twitterpated/whatever. Believe it or not, we’re smarter than we look, and we don’t need an hourly update on how “in looooovvveee” you are.

Here’s something else that’s creepy: exes stalking. I have seen this happen with a friend of mine, who is dating a new boy, and her ex writes at least every other day on her wall. Stuff like, “I hope you have a wonderful day” and “You deserve the best, Sarah*.” She’s nicer than me. I would have blocked his derriere.

For now, I’m going to update my own Facebook status. What will it read?

Hmm…frankly, I’m not sure either.


Anonymous said...

One word. Private. (As in Friends only, as in we don't want to know your business, as in go somewhere else and get off my page, as in I would hope to never have such there in the first place... yea. I think that sort of covers it. GROSS!)

Mari said...

You are so right! There is a couple in our church that have this lovey dovey thing going on Facebook, daily! It's too much - as in too much information.
And why do people feel they need to proclaim it to everyone? Sometimes I wonder if they are trying to cover up issues.

Brooke said...

i'm a big fan of the block feature on facebook. :) also you can hide people from your feed so you don't have to read their updates. i was so excited when i found out how to hide farmville posts!!

sara said...

I have blocked more people lately than ever before!!

the other thing I hate is the "constant status updater"...I really don't need to know when you take your kids to the bus stop or that you are heading home!!!

cfoxes33 said...

I won't even do facebook. This is enough!

Kayla said...

O gosh, this is hilarious and O SO TRUE! I hear ya lady. Most of the time, it's those that have to "flaunt it" that have skeletons lurking in the closet about their "perfect" relationship!

Kelly Combs said...

Hey - thanks for letting me know about my post. God is AMAZING, isn't he? Wow. I am hoping you will be an ACE to your friend!!! And thank God she came to you.

And I like your post today. I also hate all the "love-dovey" PDA status updates.

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

loved this post today!

and daily mile looks cool! I will have to try it! I have the nike sensor for my ipod!

misti said...

i am so over facebook. i have been on the verge of deleting it all week!

septembermom said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes it feels a little weird "listening in" to that kind of mush on FB. I wonder about staying on it some days.

Rachelle said...

I can handle the love stuff... It's farmville and all that junk that I don't give a hoot about.

Lucy Marie said...

So funny. And I Completely agree. You should check out the site STFU, Marrieds. It is all about inappropriate facebook stuff from couples who are getting or are already married. It's quite funny.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting... adding poll and pics. WP crashed this am. Go see.

Anonymous said...

So funny! Sometimes it's nice to read a sweet post somebody left for or about their spouse, but ya, some people go way too far.


The Hat Chick said...

You can hide stuff on facebook? I am so sick of Farmville and will be looking for that feature.

I can't stand PDA in any form. Keep it to yourself people....or better yet, tell the person face-to-face while you are alone together.