Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well, this is certainly random

No one’s in the office yet, and if we’re best buds on Facebook (cause we all know that being friends on Facebook automatically makes you best buds with 1234895y89145 people) you know I’m annoyingly hyper today.

Hmmm…I just realized there’s a random “y” in that number. I’m going to leave it.

Going to the big Super Duper U today – hopefully next Tuesday will be the last time I have to go this semester. Hopefully my really awesomely nice professor will let me take my final next week instead of having to go back the following week. Hopefully I’ll get an A in his class and that crazy woman’s class so I don’t hear “Look at me, I made straight As” from my husband for a whole other semester. Yes, we’re super competitive. Not that I want him to do bad – I like him having straight As, but I like having straight As, too.

I snapped at a student for text messaging in class. Not just one or two texts that might have said, “Getting out of class early” or “Meet you at four” or “Can’t talk now; in class.” No, a whole stinking conversation. Seriously? Are you really that rude?


Finally got back to running yesterday. Didn’t run O.N.C.E. last week. Oh, and did I mention I’ve got a 10k coming up May 1? Yeeaaaahhh…Did fairly well, though – 2 miles in 20:37. Good time, but I’ve got to get the length up (though, to my defense, we were meeting someone for dinner, and I didn’t have much time to run).

I keep looking at my calendar for conversation topics. I think that’s a sign I should stop.

(But, really quickly, found out I'm going to pick up my master's thesis tomorrow, yea! FYI, I graduated in 2008. Better late than never, though, right?)

(Also, btw, Dustin is doing fine. He came through surgery great and is now just working with physical therapy and his best-ever nurse, Rindy. =) )


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

always better late than never!

David said...

The young people these days definitely need a lesson in texting etiquette! My son texts during dinner, during conversations... I swear, I do believe he would text during a job interview!

sara said...

wow, you are right...this was very random! :)

I am always impressed by ya'll who love to run (I have to assume you love it to run a 10K!).....I would be happy just to "like" it...a little. :)

misti said...

Haha! No more caffeine for you today!

And uh, yeah...nice running time! I got so excited yesterday because I finally ran a mile under 13 minutes. LOL ah well, baby steps!

Jill said...

I hate texting in public! It is SO rude! You must be really excited to be finishing!