Friday, July 16, 2010

Here I am

I’m ridiculously glad I only have to work a half a day, because if the next three hours go the way the first two have, my lack of patience will have caused me to choke someone. Not sure who, but I’m sure it will be someone.

First, I found out that I made a stupid 85 on a paper I worked really hard on. I’ve never written a technology grant before, and I DID try my best on it. I didn’t realize, for example, that page numbers were REQUIRED for an electronic document.

I miss taking mass com classes. No one ever cared that I didn’t have a title page or that I didn’t have page numbers. They just cared as to what I wrote. IT people, apparently, though, care about presentation. And my presentation, in general, is more than lacking. I’ve realized that for some time now, but I’ve never had to correct the problem. Until now.

Thank God there’s only 10 days of class left.

Oh, but, speaking of class, got the bill today for Super Duper University for fall semester. I nearly choked. Yes, I’m continuing with my residency this quarter, which means I’m taking 12 hours, but that tuition is INSANE. Thankfully this is the most expensive semester, but…dddaaaannnng!!! AND I find out (seriously, why does this happen on the SAME day) that this ah-MAZ-ing fellowship I applied for – which would have paid for this semester – went to someone else. Who’s going to a fancier school than me. Fan-stinking-tastic.

Deep down, I know I shouldn't complain. I am so blessed, but it still stings, you know? I want to be the best at everything, and I just lost twice (once with financial implications) in one day. Can't my disappointments be spread out over a few days (or at least just one in the morning and once in the afternoon)? I know, I know. I'm complaining again. But my whining is over now. Promise. =)

Because this afternoon will be better. Why?

1. I have had my coffee this morning. That’s always a good sign.
2. I am going swimming today, provided my card still works (and, if it doesn’t, I might can sneak in anyway).
3. My sweet, wonderful husband is cooking me crab-stuffed blackened catfish tonight. Oh, yeah. My stomach just growled thinking about it.
4. I’m hanging out with this lovely lady this afternoon and a friend of ours that I haven’t seen in months.
5. I will sleep late tomorrow. Hallelujah!

Just gotta get through the next three and a half hours…


Brooke said...

a husband who cooks and a day to sleep in. girl you've got the life!!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

it will get better! i can fill it!

septembermom said...

I know things will get better. You can do it! Sleep when you can.

SusanD said...

Dinner cooked for you. Time with special friends. Sleeping in. Semester end in sight. It's all clutch! Blessings, SusanD

Lauren said...

That afternoon did sound great, a great way to make up for your morning! :)