Monday, July 26, 2010

Have your cake, and eat it, too

Friday is Superman's birthday. Bet y'all didn't know that, huh? Yep, Superman was born July 30. Day before Harry Potter's birthday.

(Somewhere, Superman just sighed because I've used that line one too many times in the past week.)

Have I also mentioned that Superman's a diabetic? Has been for about a year, but he gets one "freebie" day a month. Granted, I think he's had several freebie days this month (get him, Misti), but his "official" July free day is on his birthday.

So, naturally, I've been trying to keep him on the straight and narrow, food-wise, this week. It's hard, though, when his mom treats him to an Outback dinner and a delicious fleur-de-lis cake (granted, I couldn't turn it down). But did he HAVE to get the bloomin' onion, too? (Oh, and he eats only the fried part because he doesn't like onions. True story.)

But fear not, friends. I have a secret weapon.

See, on Sunday, we ran down south to see a couple of friends, and we spent a couple of hours relaxing in the pool. It. Was. Fabulous. I had tanned a little the day before, so I made sure to bring the hard stuff -- SPF 50. I'm pale and redheaded, so me and sunlight usually aren't friends. Well, we're friends, but I think I like the sun more than it likes me.

At any rate, while I was getting all lathered up, complete with white strips on my face (just kidding...sort of), I asked the hubby, "You want me to put sunscreen on you?"

His answer: "Oh, no, I'll be fine."

A manly answer. Strong, confident.

Being strong, confident, and manly doesn't protect you from the sun.

Back to our Outback dinner. Husband did eat well, staying away from the carbs, but, man, he wanted that bloomin' oninion. So he ate some. And then he wanted more...

"Don't eat all of that," I warned him. (I was probably a little peturbed because I'm not a fan of the bloomin' onion -- I'd much rather have the cheese fries. *drools*)

"Okay. But just watch me in case I randomly get more," he said, grinning.

I'm not married to a two-year-old, really.

He reached over to grab some, and -- well, you know what's coming. I popped him lightly on the shoulder.

A tear or two might have been shed.


"I was watching you. Don't eat any more."

Thankfully, I'm married to an awesome dude who just laughs after his wife pops him on the shoulder with his super bad sunburn. And stops eating the bloomin' onion.

Oh, the joys of being married to a lobster.


misti said...

happy birthweek, k-rob!!!!

hey, i was married to a lobster once! they're such babies!

Brooke said...

hope he has a great week!! my man mowed last night w/without his shirt on. his only hope of not getting torched is if the sun's rays couldn't penentrate the sweater of hair on his chest/arms

Mama Belle said...

So with you on the cheese fries, but Beau always wants that bloody bloomin' onion.

sara said...

happy birthday to your hubby! Is he a type 1 or type 2? My mom is a type 1, so I have to sneak out on my own while I am here and have all the things I love from my know, so she doesn't feel bad! I'm a good daughter like that! :)

lindsey said...

I'll second Misti with the Happy Birthday "K-Rob"!! Guy doesn't know what he's missing not eating the onion as well...

Oh, and I'm glad I've been enlightened as to what a window shop baby is! ha

E-Beth said...

umm let us not forget the amount of bread he had at our place and the fried shrimp, but true he didn't eat all the pasta.
I know, I know I'm a bad influence to all diabetics but mine's type 1 with an artifical pancreas =)

septembermom said...

Happy Birthday to your lobster :) That blooming onion is very tempting.