Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tweets from a summer residency

Note: Answers to yesterday's Movie Quiz have been posted in the comments section. Thanks to everyone who played -- and, seriously, if you do one, let me know!!

Starting from Day 10 out of 41

Day 11: Tuesdays are like every Monday in the year times 2. Boo to them.

There comes a moment at work when you know you aren't doing anything productive for the rest of the day. I'm so there.

Day 12: SERIOUSLY?! It's only Day 12 of class?!!! #bangsheadagainstwall

When I think today is just as bad as a day could go, I go online and see a pic of Tony Hayward...then I feel better. #bpcares

Day 14: I keep saying to myself, "Oh, I'll just do that homework over the weekend..." but we all know I won't.

Day 17: I don't want to work. I want to bang on the drums all day...

I'm getting to the point where I'm ready to pay people to do my homework.

Day 28: Sometimes I just want to look at people and ask, "What made you think that was a smart thing to say?"

Day 31: I officially have 10 items left to complete this semester. Unfortunately, three of them include research papers.

E-mail from my professor (not directed at me, WHEW!): "If you jam me up by waiting until the last minute, the results of that will be deadly."

Day 33: I need a sign on my door to warn students of when I am lacking of patience. Like a 1-10 Likert scale...

You know what really wrecks up a trip to the bathroom? Seeing a giant bug go creepedy-crawling through your stall.

Editing overdrive: the 1st thought I have when I see a curse word in a student's paper is to write, "You spelled that wrong."

Day 39: I quit.

Day 40: I'm studying for an open book final. That just doesn't seem right.

Seriously considering lighting my notes from this semester on fire.

Lit my notes on fire. Husband said it smelled like Christmas in the house.


Brooke said...

lol - Christmas in July :P

misti said...

LOL @ the fire!! I TOTALLY burnt a (paper) copy of my thesis in February! CATHARSIS!

Jill said...

So funny!

the domestic fringe said...

Cracked me up.