Friday, September 10, 2010

Stand up and get crunk


I seriously had to go on a 2 mile run last night before the game to calm down. Because I was watching the game with my Sunday School class. Because I’m not sure how seven guys and two girls would feel about me screaming at the TV loudly. I like to get loud in Saints games. I don’t know everything about football, but I usually recognize a good/bad play/call. However, as I stated before, I like to get loud during Saints’ games. I feel comfortable doing this in front of my husband. Not so much in front of a large group. ;)

(However, because I was so pumped about the Saints game, I ran my FASTEST MILE and TWO MILES EVER!!! Mile 1 came in at 8:48, and I finished up the two miles in 18:42. Yes, my second mile was slower, but I still finished in under 20 mins. That’s an amazing record for me. I ran like a gazelle.)

Anyway, I was COMPLETELY on edge last night. We did take “provisions” (see below picture), and I didn’t scream *too* much, and, despite kicker Garrett Hartley’s TWO misses (SERIOUSLY??!!!), we still beat Favre and the Vikings. And I learned how to spell Favre last night. Yep. True story.

Before we get to my favorite posts of the nights, quick identification:

Drew Brees, all-around-amazingness, also quarterback for us
Garrett Hartley, our kicker who apparently can only make field goals under pressure

Brett Favre, man who needs to quit hogging the media attention and retire, quarterback
Adrian Peterson, who I wish were on the Saints team (I’ll admit it)

Favorite tweet/facebook posts of the night…

Mom is in town and she hates the NFL, so we're watching a movie. Will watch @official_saints on DVR later. You may take away my man card.

Good news for Viking fans; Adrian Peterson ran three times in a row without turning it over. #fumblesaurusrex

I thought you got wiser with age... #farveIQloooooow

Attn Saints D: Tackle that Peterson fella. He's pretty good.

In a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league, Garrett Hartley needs to be careful not to lose his job.

Ummmmm, does Hartley know we're playing regular season? #srsly?

Drew Brees has 9 lives in the pocket.

Every perfect season starts with 1-0!

Hey Favre, this is why you practice with your team in the off season. Just sayin. Who dat!!!!!

1-0, baby!! Looking forward to doing the same with the 49ers in a little over a week!!


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

Love this post! Love the COKES!

Brooke said...

first the red socks now brett??? how are we even friends??????

seriously though, please pray for jay right now. doing some searching about God.

Kelly said...

Cute blog! I love football; high school, college, NFl, it doesn't matter as long as its football. Since I'm from NC though I'm a Carolina Panthers fan which is not always an easy thing to admit.

Louisiana Tara said...


I love that my FB comment made your best of list. Score! :)

BTW your hubby was cracking me up last night, especially the whole "dock 20 points from my man score" when he misspelled Favre. I was rolling!