Thursday, September 23, 2010

We got this

Currently on my playlist:
Cage the Elephant
Black Keys
AKA, running music

This week is my husband's first 5k. It's the same one Rindy and I ran first last year, so...yeah, it's kind of special. =) Plus, Rin's husband is joining, too -- and it's his first 5k, as well.

I picked up our packets today. I signed up with a team, a local spa where one of the girls who goes to our Sunday School works at. For any American Cancer Society race, I've found it's just easier to join a team. And it was. AND they had an amazing goody bag with chocolate, a 10% off coupon...and a shirt.

I have to take a pic of this shirt. Husband also got a shirt. It's brown...with pink breast cancer ribbons alllllllll on it.

I just can't picture him wearing it. But I seriously heart that shirt. (I'd wear it for the race, but I just bought a seriously awesome green running shirt and cannot wait to try it out.)

So wish us luck. Husband bought an iPod shuffle, and ever since he got it, he's been a running fiend. Seriously. The boy ran a full two miles the other day. He ran the majority of four miles Sunday.

I heart my husband.

I hope he doesn't beat me on Saturday. ;)


Mari said...

Hooray for your hubby! It's impressive for anyone to do it, but as a diabetic, it's an added challenge.

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

what a cute post! I am excited for you AND the boys! someday I will get my Daniel to run with me, THEN I MIGHT get him to run a race!!! someday!
first I gotta find a way to heal this ham string and get running again my self!!!

Brooke said...

good for you being such an good role model for him and sucking him into the world of racing!! :)

septembermom said...

That's terrific! I wish you both tons of luck. I think you'll do great. So cool.