Monday, January 24, 2011

Cause we all need a good laugh…

Feel free to laugh at my insanity.

My student and I were casually talking on the way back to my office from class. She’s coming to a conference with me and about 10 other students next month, and we were discussing the logistics behind the travel arrangements.

Walking and talking. Should have known I couldn’t do two things at once.

We got to about 14 concrete steps, and she pointed out her vehicle, “The Bucket,” to me. “The Bucket” is apparently legendary among our students, and she is quite fond of her lovingly-named vehicle. So she pointed it out; and I took the first step down.

I don’t exactly remember how many steps I skipped hopping as I fell face forward down to the ground, but two thoughts immediately rushed through my mind:

1. If I fall and bust my knees, I can’t run!!!

At the last three steps (after stumbling down, getting closer and closer to falling flat on my face), I had a choice – allow myself to fall and deal with the consequences or…


I jumped. In heels. And didn’t fall.

Ladies and gentlemen, yes, that is what we call talent.

And then I passed gas in front of the student.



Ginger said...

I so laughed out loud. Too funny! Glad you did NOT fall.

Mari said...

Glad you not only have the ability to land on your feet, but also to laugh at yourself. Thanks - I laughed too!

Kim said...

OH I was so prepped for a bloody gorey injury ending ... so gladyou didn't get hurt but I have to admit I did LOL

Patrice said...

Okay, I laughed, but only because you did not get hurt!!

misti said... judith roberts I love you for this!!

sara said... am sitting here cheering you on for not falling and then your last statement....I about spit out my water!!!!

Lindsey Walpole said...

You are my hero! :)

Tara said...

You're right. I absolutely loved this and needed to read it. And I'm so glad you didn't end up in a hospital!

Brittany Ann said...

You jumped in heels? You're my hero!

Brooke said...

mhahahahahahaha! (only because i know you're okay...wait. no i would have laughed first, then asked)

i sometimes toot in my office when i know i'm alone. i did that today, then a minute later someone walked in. seriously? my first visitor of the day is right after my toot??

Kelly Combs said...

Okay, after the gas, you should have said, "Well that scared the &*%$ out of me." LOL!