Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As of late…

…I have been doing my nails in line with my occupation.

I’ve made these delicious football shortbread cookies and decorated them by cutting a small hole in a Ziploc bag because I forgot to buy a cookie decorating kit. ;)

My husband and a friend installed a mantle for our fireplace.

 And I will decorate it soon…
I was able to meet this fun friend and my aunt in New Orleans this past weekend for dinner.

And this precious pooch has greatly enjoyed watching “Doggie TV” (aka looking out the window) every day at her new home.

It's shaping up to be quite a nice autumn.


Mari said...

Love the nails! I wish I had a fireplace to decorate.

sara said...

the first mantel would be my choice!!!!

Sommer said...

that was a great night! i will remember it fondly. i'll let you know when i'm in rustonia to see that ella alien!

Brooke said...

i wish i were creative/motivated to do a beautiful mantel like that! good luck!! i'm sure it'll look great no matter which you choose.

misti said...

I love the first mantle!!

Those nails...will you do mines? Haha!

So fun you and the Sommer got to hang! I swear I'm only a little jealous!

Those cookies were bomb. And don't make me bring up that peanut butter fudge. Oh look, I did.

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