Thursday, September 1, 2011

Home, sweet home

Well. The Super family is legally no longer homeless nor squatting.

We signed papers yesterday at 3 p.m. to buy our new home...that we've been living in since Aug. 19.


It's been quite a roller coaster of a summer, but I had a revelation this summer: I'm never going to have an un-busy life.

Shocker, right?

Seriously, though. I've noticed how all year I've been saying, "Well, when I get finished with my classes, I'll do this..." and "When we get into our new house, I'll do this..." "When this is done, then I'll do this..." No. It had to stop, and it has. I've got to make time for things that are important, most notably relationships, because if I don't, I'll never have the time. You make time for what's important, and those around me are important to me. I don't ever want to be too busy for my friends and family and my responsibilities. That's not the person I want to be.

Anyway. Revelation over. Now time for pictures!!!

The last day we went to our old house (which, ironically enough, is actually "newer" than our current house, as it was built in the 90s).

Taking the sign out of our yard for good.
Here's a throwback from five years ago, when we bought our house in June 2006.

I snapped this while the lawyer was out of the office. We both looked stressed, haha!
Now, five years later, closing on our new house -- with the same lawyer!

Saving the date
So, funny story with the closing...we got to the closing with the seller there, with the lawyer...and someone happened to forget something important.

It was me. I forgot the cashier's check.

That's right. I forgot to bring money to buy a house.

Thankfully, my sweet hero of a husband rushed out to our bank to go get one, and the seller and I started signing papers while he was gone. He returned in about 10 minutes and finished his part of the signing.

And that's how we bought our home.

I know I've kept our house under close wraps, mainly because I didn't want to announce it until it was really ours. But now...welcome to our new home!

More pictures to come (before-after types), but here's some stats on Case del Super:

* She's about 2500 sq. feet -- roughly two and a half times the size of our former home.
* She was built in 1969 -- the year my parents were married (I'm not a hopeless romantic or anything...).
* There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office, and a "lair."
* There's a bay window over the kitchen sink. (Heart.)
* Fenced in back yard with a deck.

This house really had everything we were looking for but never thought we'd get this soon, especially room-wise. We wanted three bedrooms, and office, and a "lair" for Kyle, but we didn't think it was feasible right now. But...have I told you the story about how we found this house? If I have, forgive me, and skip ahead.

Kyle and I were both in Tara and Matt's wedding, which was about an hour away from our home, and, as I had to be there much earlier than him, he decided to ride with some other members of the wedding party. One of the guys said he'd pick Kyle up, and they'd go to the other guy's house and drive from there.

Kyle almost didn't ask for a ride the night of the rehearsal.
Kyle almost said, "No, I'm right by the Interstate, can you just pick me up on your way?"
But he didn't.

So they got to the house, and Kyle said, "Wow, this is a really nice place." And we had started pricing houses in the area, because we were thinking about thinking about getting a house (yeah, read that right). And then Jesse, our seller, said, "Yeah, I'm putting it on the market Monday."

Kyle asked how much he wanted for it. And then he called me.

I thought he was crazy. I mean...we had NO INTENTION of moving this year. None. Zip. Zero. But he took me by on Sunday, and I fell in love instantly. We went to the bank on Monday and put our house on the market the following week. We sold our house Aug. 24.

I really would like to go into how much God had a hand in making sure our house sold, everything was great, etc., but this post is getting quite lengthy right now, so I'll stop with this, which makes me smile every time:

Our six year anniversary is Saturday. Yep, six years. Six years ago, Hurricane Katrina had just hit, and I had no idea where I would live, if I had a job, if I still had the majority of my material possessions. I just knew I was marrying my best friend.

This Saturday, six years later, we're staying in, spending time in our new home. It's a great anniversary week.


Tara said...

No, I didn't tear up at all. At work. With non-waterproof mascara. I'm so happy for y'all! Congrats on the new house and the amazing marriage!

Mari said...

It's a beautiful house! I'm so happy for you. :)

Sara@TCme said...

HA! God is so GOOD!
You could ahve gone on for like a whole 'nother page and I would have read every word. I can't wait to watch this house blossom into "super" home!

SusanD said...

Oh how lovely!!! Such a wonderful testimony of God's provisions in our lives. Congrats and blessings on your new home and anniversary celebration. SusanD

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Suh-weet!!! Love your home. Love hearing the story. :)

sara said...

love that story!!! congrats on the house...I can't wait to see befores and afters!!!

btw, is a "lair" the same as a Naked Room? :)

misti said...

happy anniversary! and happy new home :) i love it.

Mama Belle said...

Oh, it's precious! Congratulations!

septembermom said...

IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish you the best of luck in this lovely home. I'm so happy that everything went well. And your hubby is a sweetie to run back and get that cashier's check. Thanks for sharing this story with us too. You both look so cute in the pictures.