Friday, September 9, 2011


In honor of school starting back this week, it's time for another round of random quotes. Enjoy!

Student: “Do I have to click on all these links in the instructional unit?”
Me: “If you don’t understand what the information says. For you, I hope you know what a simile and a metaphor are, so you probably don’t have to click on the link over ‘simile and metaphor.’”
Student: “I know simile is spelled a lot like smile.”
Me: Pause. “You need to click on the ‘simile and metaphor’ link.”

“I just don’t feel called to take pregnant pictures in lingerie.”

Teacher: “I have a lot of issues with God right now.”
Student: “I bet He’s got a lot more with you right now.”

Stupidity on Facebook…
Person 1’s Status: I'm soooooo mad at myself right now
Person 2: why
Person 1: Can't talk about it on FB
Then, seriously, why did you even post that??

Student: “My life is like a box of chocolates…you know, dark.”

Me: “And then I smiled at her, but it wasn’t a real smile, it was one of those where I was secretly saying, ‘If there weren’t witnesses, you might need to fear for your life.’”
Husband: “You can pull off those looks well.”

Student paper: " fill that unconsistant void..."
My response: “It’s actually ‘inconsistent.’”

Student: “My mom puts Scripture all over my wall because she thinks that I’ve got men over in my room all the time.”

Konstantin Levin did not like talking and hearing about the beauty of nature. Words for him took away the beauty of what he saw. – Anna Karenina


Brooke said...

i HATE cryptic facebook/twitter posts!!

Beth said...

your quotes are always one of my favorite posts! too funny! the facebook one and the one about mom putting up verses are the best! lol!!

Brittany Ann said...

Oh man! I started laughing at the simile metaphor thing and now I can't stop! TOO FUNNY!

David said...


misti said...

Yeah...I'm gonna need you to post about that family feud game. Hahaha