Monday, January 23, 2012

Sleeping habits

Everything that sleeps has its own sleeping habits. My dog, for instance, when she’s sleeping for the night and not just napping, will lie on her side and, if she’s dreaming, will start running on her side – just barely. You’ll feel her back legs quiver, then her front. Then her back, then her front. It’s quite cute. Sometimes she’ll even give a faint bark.

I, on the other hand, snore. Yep, I’ll admit, I’m a self-proclaimed snorer…in certain situations. The more comfortable I am around you, the more likely I am to snore. That’s right, that means that my sweet husband gets an orchestra of noise on some nights. If I’m staying with a colleague in a hotel room, though…I somehow have trained myself not to snore. I sleep lighter and don’t sleep as well…but I don’t snore.

I had a roommate in college, however, who had to deal with my snoring – and I had to deal with her talking in her sleep. She’d say in a very normal, awake voice all sorts of words that didn’t make sense together, but she’s say them in a tone that, apparently to her, made sense. For example, she might say, “The raft go monsoon far Thursday voices contest press more confirm” with inflection – but it'd make no sense. So I’d yell something out at her until she quit talking. Same with me. I’d snore and she’d yell at me until I stopped. It was a good arrangement.

However, my husband may have the funniest sleep habits. While he has talked once or twice in his sleep, he also plays the piano…in his sleep. On me. Last night, he had already fallen asleep, and his leg was touching mine and one of his hands was on my shoulder. And he was playing the piano in his sleep. His fingers would move around for a couple of seconds and then stop for a few seconds, then pick back up again. His leg even was pushing a pedal in his dream. It also didn’t help that the dog was dream running again, curled up on the other side of my leg. About five minutes of this – though it was quite cute – I was done.

“Hey…Hey, Kyle. Hey, are you awake?”


“Hey. You’re playing the piano on me. You gotta stop that. I can’t sleep.”

“Ok…” He rolled over and went straight back to sleep.

His main question this morning, after I reminded him of his night playing, was what he was playing last night in his dreams. I'm not sure what it was, but he certainly was rocking out. 


Mari said...

That is so funny! Neither Bob or I have any funny sleep habits, but my Dad used to play ball in his sleep and one night got quite a gash in his leg when he jumped out of bed because he was running around the base. The problem was he rammed his leg against a metal foot on the bed somehow! And he about scared my Mom to death in the process. :)

Brooke said...

jay sounds like a dying moose. :) i'm a perfect sleeper ;) although last night i was dreaming that i was running and fell on a slick patch - the fall was a leg spasm that woke me up!

Sommer said...

it's ironic that you posted this today because i did not sleep AT ALL last night. matt sleeps on his back which equals snoring. sometimes to wake him up, i flop around like a fish in my side of the bed and then tell him to roll over. he tells me to get over it or fall asleep faster. it was a losing battle last night.
ella has nightmares where she makes this awful loud moaning sound. scares me to death.

sara said...

before kids, I was a talker AND a walker. I guess I don't sleep as deep since having kids. I carried on all sorts of conversations with my husband and invisible others in the middle of the night and have even tried to walk out the door...crazy!

But I have never heard of someone playing the piano!!! too funny!

misti said...

Hahaha you snore in "certain situations!" Love. Alan snores in EVERY SITUATION. I jerk the covers, sigh loudly, kick him, shove him, and eventually just yell. :) I don't get much sleep around this joint...and it's not because of Ella!

Rachel Page said...

Funny! I'm always up late working while my hubs sleeps and a lot of times when he needs to turn over or something it's like he's a pouncing cat -- it's fast and kind of violent and weird. Does anyone else have seriously weird sleep habits?