Monday, March 26, 2012

Furry Fun Walk

Our parks and recreation department (Knope 2012...anyone?) held a Furry Fun Walk recently, and, because I want to support Parks & Rec and because, seriously, how amazing is a Furry Fun Walk??

We attempted to take a picture of our university pup and Vicki and Misti's pup, Sophie. As you can tell, that went over about as well as a wet blanket.

Champ can't understand why those two little dogs are so jumpy.
We finally had to get them one at a time. First Sophie...
...then Vicki...

We also managed to snag a picture with our university mascot, Champ!

I'm not sure who was more scared in that picture -- Champ or Vicki, ha!

Then, of course, we actually walked a mile with our pups. Sophie was in puppy heaven. Vicki tolerated it. She much rather would have been in my arms. Vicki is in the center, but Sophie is blazing her own trail.

Happy "tails"!


Brooke said...

Diva Vicki needs a stroller :)

Mari said...

"Happy Tails" I love it! I can see they are great friends too.

misti said...

Vicki's face by the bulldog cracks me up every time I look at it!!!