Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good/bad dog, good guest, bad meds

This is why my dog has, of late, been using our entire house as a giant pee pad. Queen Poops A Lot, as we like to call her. But this is why she has been doing so -- because when her "present" is discovered, one of two things happens: 1) If my husband finds it, he just disposes it because, as he says, she looks too pitiful to spank, or 2) if I find it and she runs under our reading chair, I coax her terrified booty out so I can get a picture of her panicked expression.

I know, we're going to be great parents.

Also, here's my husband and our super awesome house guest, who is spending his last week at our house. His mom and dad both attempted to teach me math (before we all realized that was a hopeless endeavor), and I went to school with his older brother. Now he's doing his physical therapy rotations, and one of them happened to be in our hometown. Therefore, we've housed him since January. I cannot state enough how great of a houseguest he has been. Kyle keeps asking if he can stay longer, ha!

And, lastly, here's the first update on the melatonin. It didn't work. In fact, one of the three or four times I woke up last night, I woke my husband up as well and asked him if he had emailed his boss his notes that he was supposed to. He assured me he did and then told me to go back to sleep. Easier said than done. However, I did take it fairly late last night (10 p.m. -- not at dinner like I think you're supposed to), so maybe that had something to do with it. The melatonin experiment continues!


Mari said...

Take the melatonin around 8 and hopefully it will work better!
Yes - you two will make great parents. :)

Brooke said...

i think you might have to take it more than once to achieve the desired effect :P

misti said...

Give the meds another shot! You never know :)

Ella and I will be your houseguests when Alan ditches us this month!!

Although...I can guarantee you that you will kick us to the curb after about three hours. Haha!