Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bathroom Renovations Update

The end is near. I see a light at the end of the tunnel. It's so close I can almost taste it.

My bathroom has walls.

You have no idea what a big deal this is for me right now. Thanks to Hurricane Isaac, my contractor got pulled down south for his day job, and our project was on hold for about a week and a half. However, now he tells me that I should have my paint colors finalized this week because he's painting Saturday! Hooray!

So, in anticipation of my beautiful new bathroom, let's take a look at what once was.

The entrance. Note the ivy green and light pink color combo. Gawg-eous. 

Ah, the sink. The prize of the bathroom. Please, admire the flowers.

A close-up shot, just in case you weren't positive that these were actual flowers painted in the sink. YEP. Let's remember, too, the house was built in 1969.

And what house built before 1990 would be complete without a soap holder and toothbrush holder that does not hold any toothbrush (minus a travel-sized one) made today?

I actually like the toilet. It's been replaced in the last 5 years, so we're keeping it. And the trash can. Maybe. It actually may not "go" with the new bathroom decor.

We're also keeping the blinds. However, that weirdly-positioned towel rack is G-O-N-E.

Floor is staying, too. Mainly because this project is already bleeding us dry, and I can live with the floor.

Oh, and the tub. My PINK tub. PINK. Here's the crazy thing, guys. When the walls came down, our contractor discovered a Coke can that expired this year in the wall. Therefore, we estimated that this bathroom has been renovated in the last ten years.


I wish they had called me first...

And here's what my bathroom looks like now. I'm ridiculously excited to have sheet rock up. When our contractor put it up, I might have danced a jig.

Oh, yes, and I have a bath tub in the middle of my living room. Seriously. I kind of wish it were out of the box, because, frankly, I'd be lying in it with a bunch of pillows and blankets.

Okay, so out with the old and in with the new! My sink came in last week, and I, ahem, finally opened it today because I was trying to match it with the tile for the vanity.

Look at that beautiful bowl! Sniff. I love it so much.

Thoughts on the tile? The bathroom colors are basically light brown and dark brown with a white border separating the two. I thought a whitish-brown tile would go well with the color scheme, but I'd love some input, especially since it's going in this week!


Mari said...

Although I really love that flowery sink, I think the new one is even better!
I can't wait to see the finished project!

misti said...

Awww it's gonna look so good!! And I'm horrible at picking out tile...

I get to see you in a few weeks! :-D

Brooke said...

how exciting!!!! love, love, love the new sink!!

Anonymous said...

I am so very scared for all that pink. I love your new bowl sink, and I cannot wait for the reveal.

Mama Belle said...

Good job, lady! Uh ... that sink?! Yikes!

Brave Boss said...

This is absolutely fantastic! Checking out the other renovations immediately as well! Keep sharing....
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Lilia Ogata said...

It is definitely “gawg-eous”! I cannot wait for the big reveal and see what the bathroom looks like once everything is done. And you are correct, the sink is the star of the bathroom reno. Its classy design suits the bathroom style splendidly. Well, pink looks good too, but I like the new one better. It is simple, tidy and very refined.

Joy_nice4ever said...

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Althea Tumlin said...

Pink looks so girly, but I find it fairly appealing too. Anyway, the new bathroom paint is more refreshing, creating a lighter mood. I also like the sink with the flower design. If I’ll be the one to design my own bathroom, I’d fill it with stars.

-Althea Tumlin

Kristopher Diss said...

Any updates on your bathroom reno, Penny? Being built in 1969, I think your bathroom really needs some up-to-date renovation. With a reno, you can replace the old fixtures to make it more modern and convenient for the family. And what’s best is that you can make it as beautiful as you want!

Jessica Bakolias said...

Really like the bathroom. The difference is unreal and I think you made all the right choices. The sink is very nice as well.

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