Thursday, September 6, 2012

Seven years and counting…

“You know there’s not an elevator to take you to the top, right?”

I rolled my eyes at my husband as we walked to Hot Springs’ mountain top tower to overlook the city. “You’re making that up. You better watch it, because I’ll make you walk up those stairs.”

“No, seriously, there’s no elevator,” Kyle said without cracking a smile. “You climb the stairs up and then there’s a lift that brings you down.”

And then he grinned at me.

We had come to Hot Springs the night before, arriving hungry and ready to chow down on some Italian food from our favorite place, J & S Italian Villa. This is what we found.

No J&S for us that night!
Burned. Burned to the ground.

Thankfully, my aunt randomly texted me a happy anniversary message and informed me about her favorite Hot Springs restaurant – Belle Arti downtown.

It was amazing. I might have eaten leftover lasagna for breakfast the next morning. Okay, I did.

Caprese salad, our favorite appetizer!
My lasagna
Kyle's steak
The actual day of our anniversary, we decided to do the touristy things, eat breakfast downtown (YUMMY banana pancakes), shop downtown, grab some fudge…and visit the top of the mountain.

As we walked in the doors to the mountain tower, the two guys working the counter looked at us and immediately said, “The elevator’s out. It’s 21 flights of stairs to the top. But there’s a discount.”

I looked at Kyle and burst out laughing. “Serves you right!” I said. “And we ARE walking up!”

We bought a sports drink and started the 21-flight hike, along with other sad souls. We took SEVERAL breaks as well, but, after going up for what seemed like forever, we finally reached the top.

After the long hike
Hot Springs

Happy anniversary to my best friend! Can’t wait to see what our seventh year of marriage brings! =) 


Mari said...

Happy Anniversary !Bummer about the restaurant but it looks like it turned out ok. :)
The stair climbing made me laugh, but yay for you two for doing it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary you too! I want some of that food... ha!

Anonymous said...

Umm *two, and that one we cannot blame on auto correct...ha!

misti said...

We love caprese too!!! Sp yummy!

Happy anniversry! I think it'll be the best year yet!

sara said...

Happy Anniversary!! I was thinking when you said you did the "touristy" thing was that you went to one of the bath houses!!!

Brooke said...

happy anniversary!! looks like you made the best of a couple of unfortunate surprises