Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost and Found

The cataclysmic series finale of Lost will be debated for weeks, I’m sure. However, despite the chaos that ensued and shouts of joy (and despair) that were issued around multiple neighborhoods by the time it was over, the night was memorable for more than just the ending of a six-season event.

Why, you ask? Oh, the power went out.


Ninety minutes before Lost.

Apparently, there was a fire at one of the substations, and electricity throughout our hot, humid city was gone. Thankfully, it came back on about thirty minutes before the finale (despite the fact that we heard frightful rumors of a 9:20 p.m. estimated power return), but, as a tribute to a show that has consumed countless hours of my life, I’d like to dedicate this post to the Lost quotes of the night.

Husband and Rindy’s husband discussing options for TV-watching as everyone’s electricity in the city was still off…
Husband: Well, your best idea was to change pants!

After the power was on…
Husband: I can’t believe they got the power on so quickly. There must be some Lost fans working for the power department.

During a Victoria’s Secret commercia...l
Rindy: Where would people keep their money, if not in their bra?

During the finale…
Me: I’ve figured it out. They ARE going to end the series tonight, but there is going to be a spin-off. Called Found.


misti said...

LOL @ the LOST fans working on the power. We had just settled in with popcorn when everything shut off. I think my exact words were:

"Of course."

septembermom said...

That stinks. Like the title "Found" :)

David said...

I bought the series on DVD. I loved the first season. The second was OK. I watched well into the 3rd season. Then I just quit watching. It seemed like it was being written on the fly. Like the writers were just making stuff up as they went along without any sense of purpose or direction. Maybe I gave up too soon.

Brooke said...

there would have been rioting in the streets!!!

Mari said...

I can't believe your power went off, but thankfully it came on in time. That would have been a tragedy!
I love your quote!

Mama Belle said...

I think I would have had serious heart issues had the power gone off or looked for the Candid Camera guy. Not great timing.

The comment during the Victoria's Secret commercial here was ... "well, you can wear it seven ways." Dumb.

As far as the finale goes, I'm disappointed. Thought they could have done better.

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Read Andrew In the Knew Test
And head to but jest
Fo intolerable rest
Of likewise digest!

Love U all Andrew!

Brittany Ann said...

I will totally watch Found;)!

I'd have freaked when the power went out! Glad you didn't miss a minute of it!