Monday, May 10, 2010

Release your inner nerdiness

I gotta take a deep breath for this one.



I’m a closet Star Wars fan.

Oh, but my total nerdiness does not stop there. I’m also a closet Star Trek fan. I can probably name every Star Trek captain shown on TV.

Oh, dear. Was that a blush that just crept up on my cheeks?

Millions of us (according to exist. We are the secret nerds, the ones that know the characters, know the plot twists, and, heck, all the space-time-continuum-crazy-time-travel stuff – yeah, we get that, too. Because we know and even like the show.

But we are not Trekkies. Or whatever you call Star Wars nerds.

We just like a good sci-fi flick. That’s all. But because of people like the one I saw at the pizza place yesterday, we suffer in silence.

Hubby and I were picking up a pizza, and I waited in the car. As I looked around the parking lot, specifically where the employees park, I saw a vanity license plate that caught my eye:


Sadly, I hate to admit that it took me a while to get what it said (“Use the Force”), but when I did, I died out laughing. I mean, SERIOUS NERD ALERT here!! In fact, I decided to pull out my camera phone and take a pic of this one-of-a-kind plate (FYI, I actually do take pictures of funny license plates – I have several stashed on my phone that crack me up on any given day.).

I was not shy about my picture-taking, either. In fact, I was pretty much one step from just stepping out of the car and going over to get a better picture. Unfortunately, my phone pic did not turn out well, so after several failed attempts to get a clear shot, I gave up.

Probably two minutes later, a skinny dude wearing a Hawaiian shirt (Let’s remember we’re not in Hawaii. Stacy and Clinton need to get him on the show.) comes out holding a pizza and heads near the car. He DEFINITELY looks like he could be the owner of The Force (the name I have given said vehicle). However, he does not head to the driver’s side, so my next assumption was that he drove the Prius next to The Force.


Wrong, wrong, wrong.

He gets into the passenger seat of The Force. The driver, turns out, had been in the vehicle the entire time. And probably saw me laughing my silly head off as I tried to get a good picture via my camera phone.

But you know what? I decided I did not care if The Force’s driver saw me or not. Why? Because I’m a closet Star Wars fan. And it’s people like that who keep me in the closet. So there.

I might even stick my tongue out for good measure.


Brooke said...

i was able to pick up on the plate immediately - but probably only because you'd already mentioned star wars. let me pretend i'm smart today though 'kay?

also i forgot to wish you a happy star wars day last tuesday so a belated "may the 4th be with you!"

Anonymous said...

ROFL! Should I tell you that I watch that stuff with my hubby... or not?!

No thank you Force dude, or dudette?

Yes, I said that, and it's equally nerdy.


Mari said...

That is too funny! My husband and son are big fans as well. I'm not so into it, but end up watching anyway. Actually, out first date was to see a Star Wars movie!

Lauren said...

Hahahahaha...thank you SO much for that entertainment. I am with you on this, it is much, much safer to stay a closet Star Wars fan.

Meredith said...

I haven't seen any Star Wars OR Star Trek!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Hahahahaha! This had me giggling.

septembermom said...

My boys went through a HUGE Star Wars phase. I loved watching all the movies. I'm a big Han Solo fan :)