Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back down south

Betty is back home!!! She arrived at her home late Saturday evening and will be there for two weeks. My mom, dad, and grandmother are heading to Texas this weekend to visit her, so keep them in your prayers as they make the long drive over there. Kyle and I are actually dog-sitting one of their dogs, Che-che, who is almost 17 years old, and needs some TLC -- and being left alone, haha!! (FYI, Che-che will turn 17 March 26, yea!) The other one, an active five-year-old mutt (that my dad is crazy about -- yes, this is the infamous Puddin'), is staying with a neighbor.

Betty heads back to Chicago in two weeks, March 21, and my mom's other sister is going there with her. She'll be up there until the 26th for scans and chemo, which will continue every three weeks (but, I believe, possibly not in Chicago after this round). We should know on this next trip how well the past weeks of chemo and radiation have gone. We believe it's helped, and we believe that God will provide a miracle for Betty and for our family.

And, to brighten up this post, pics of everyone (plus some) mentioned!!!

Betty, Charlie, and their dog, Elmo

Aunt J holding Joshua
Dad and his spoiled dog
Mom, me, Kyle, and my mother-in-law
My grandmother
Che-che and Vicki


Tara said...

Betty looks fabulous!

And so do you!!!

Brooke said...

glad that she gets to come home, at least for a few weeks. continued prayers for her

SusanD said...

So glad Aunt Betty is getting to spend a couple weeks at home after being away so long. Much longer than anticipated. Continuing prayers here, for you there. Blessings, SusanD

misti said...

Oh my word...that picture of Puddin' and your daddy...hahaha! The dog is looking him a little too lovingly. Spoiled rotten!!

misti said...

P.S. Betty does look amazing! So glad she gets to be back for awhile!

Mari said...

So glad to hear she could come home! It was fun seeing the family pictures too.

The Hat Chick said...

Loved all the photos. Continuing to pray for Betty.

p.s. Thanks for the teaching advice...totally worked.