Monday, March 28, 2011

No, I am NOT happy about that…

...and, yes, I realize that’s technically a double negative. Deal with it.

When I FINALLY end up graduating with my Ph.D., I will have attended not one…not two…not even three…but FOUR schools. One for my undergrad (in-state), one for master’s (in-state), one for Ph.D. (out of state), and two for transfer credits for in-state tuition (the one I got my master’s at and another in-state school).

Four schools.

For my undergraduate degree, yes, I had to show proof that I had a tetanus shot and the MMR shot. And I remember hating both. I don’t do needles. It’s a phobia, and it’s one that I’m not planning on getting over any time soon by immersion therapy (sorry, hubby). But I had to go to college, and, to go to college, I had to have two shots.

None of this proof of needle-poking was needed for my master’s. Nor my Ph.D.

HOWEVER, I have one dang class to take at University No. 4 this summer. And THEY require MMR, tetanus, AND some other shot that I can't remember (Does it really even matter what it is? It’s a needle poking me). AND, just to make things so much more swell, turns out, my undergrad health services department tells me that my tetanus shot is out of date. I haven’t been out of high school 10 years. How the heck is that thing out of date?

So, yes, I did send the following e-mail to University No. 4 graduate admission representative:

“Last question -- hopefully!! I noticed that it had something about health immunization forms. I am going to take one online class. Do I still need to meet those requirements?”

I don’t think she’s going to cut me any slack due to a previous smart aleck e-mail I sent last week. Here’s the problem: I turned in my forms to attend Univ. 4 and received an e-mail saying they had not received my transcripts, my application fee, nor my health immunization form (shocker on that last one…). To which I showed her the e-mails saying that Univ. 4 HAD received the information. She responded something about they had no transcripts under the name of Penny Rogers. Well, no kidding, as Rogers is not my last name. And I said something similar to that in my e-mail.

Notice that my last e-mail about the shots, though, was very friendly… =D


Brooke said...

i could be wrong but i think you're poop outta luck!

Tara said...

Have they changed tetanus lengths? I thought they were always 10 years.

Penny said...

They're supposed to be, but health services told me mine was out of date. I'm not sure how...

sara said...

I feel your pain....I hate shots too!!!

btw, how did your presentation go in LR? I was so sad that we didn't get to meet up!!!

Mari said...

You are funny! I hope you don't need shots. It seems crazy for online classes. :)