Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The saga continues…

Good news
I faxed over my waiver to University Health Services, who immediately cleared me. Well, not technically immediately, because…

Bad news
…turns out I’m not in the system correctly. But that’s my fault from nine years ago (just wait).

So I’m not in the system as Penny Rogers. I’m also not in the system as my correct name. Despite the fact that a) I turned in my grad school application under my correct name and b) I have been married five and a half years, I am listed as being under my maiden name.

E-mail from me to admissions:
By the way, I just talked to health services, who got my immunization cleared, and she said I was in the system under Penny Oldlastname, which is my maiden name.

From admissions:
Please see 2010-11 Graduate Catalog page 26:
A student who wishes to change a name for any reason must present an original Social Security card bearing the desired name, in addition to completing a “Name Change” form, to the Registrar’s Office.  Copies are not acceptable.

From me:
I don't understand, though -- I sent in my application as Penny Newlastname. That's my name. I dropped Oldlastname six years ago when I got married.

From admissions:
If you ever applied, sent a score, attended, etc. in the system some way, it will stay that way until officially changed as indicated on previous e-mail.  That is a Registrar Office requirement.

Nine years ago, when I was a senior in high school, I applied to three universities – my alma mater, a private university, and this university – Univ. No. 4. Due to that application nine years ago and despite the fact that I sent in my application under my married name, they cannot correct this change.

Are. You. KIDDING??!!

What’s really funny is all the trouble everyone seems to have in finding me in the system. The health services office had issues…admissions has issues…the cashier can never find my application payment…undergraduate admissions has issues (yep, they’re involved, too, go figure)…Maybe, just maybe, if they had put me in under the name I filed in my March 2011 application fee, we wouldn’t have all this trouble.

That’s just my two cents, though.


sara said...

oh my word. I can NOT believe how complicated they have made this. CRAZY!!!!

Brooke said...

gotta love ridiculous red tape. sheesh

SusanD said...

bureaucracy. gotta love it. :)