Friday, April 15, 2011

Another edition of Friday quotes

This one is fully collegiate.

Student 1: “How many holes are on a golf course?”
Student 2: “It depends on the size of the course. Either 9 or 12.”

Sports editor, in reference to a basketball game: “She dunked some 3s.” (Think about that one a second, non-sports fans. How do you “dunk” a 3-pointer?)

Student: “I’ve got three girlfriends.  I’m very productive.”

Student: “He’s a little sketch, but can’t we all be?”

Student: “I want my hair to be long and flowing. Like a mermaid’s.”

Student in response to another student’s SUPER ANNOYING ringtone: “We’re just going to keep talking
bad about you to your face until you change that ringtone.”

Student: “And Jane was so mad, she was gloating.”
Me: “Wait, what? Why was she gloating?”
Student: “Because she was so mad.”
Me: “…Do you know what gloating means?”
Student: “It means really mad. Right?”

At a press conference after our coach’s team lost an NCAA women’s basketball game:
Reporter: “What do you think of the other coach?”
Coach: “She’s a good coach. She has a good team.”
Reporter: “Could you elaborate more?”
Coach: “She’s a really good coach.”

Reporter: “What’s next for your team? Where are y’all going?”
Coach: “You really want to ask me that? Okay, do you see where we’re going? There’s nowhere else to go but up. The only place to go is up. That’s the only reason I’m here. That’s the only reason why these kids perform. Up. Write it. Capitalize it. U-P. Highlight it. Put an arrow with it. Bottom line. Point blank. That’s what I said. That’s where we’re going. Write it. Believe that. Our team. Back. Love it.”

Happy Friday, everyone!


Brooke said...

that 3 point dunker should be doing long jump for track!!

sara said...

these are so funny! seriously you should put them in a book!!!

misti said...

Haaaahaha gloating!

septembermom said...

The mermaid one cracked me up and the girlfriend connection with productivity. LOL.

SusanD said...

Ok, so I looked up "sketch" @ Urban dictionary. Here's the definition they give: "a term used to describe a situation, a person, a store, a restaurant, an item, basically any noun, that is of dubious character". It's amazing some of the definitions there. They are so random. ahahaha. Love the coach's response. Have a great weekend. Blessings, SusanD

Kelly Combs said...

Between this post, and your university post I am chuckling tonight!

Let me know how the resurrection rolls turn out. I am porbably going to make them with my kids at the end of the week.

Lauren said...

I love Friday quotes!! Cracks me up every time. Thanks for giving me a good laugh. :)