Monday, April 11, 2011

Life and death

Bet you’re thinking this is going to be something in-depth and thought-provoking. You would be wrong. Today, I want to talk about tomatoes.

Let’s all remember that instead of a green thumb, mine is the color of death, depending on what color you feel death is. I’ve killed quite a few flora in my time: flowers of which I didn’t know their name, nearly killed my azalea plants (and I’m not sure why they are not blooming at this time), corn, rosemary (though I know why now, at least…), and last, but definitely not least, cactus. Yes, I can kill cactus. It’s amazing that the pets I’ve had in my life have lived so long.

This weekend, my mom and dad came in town, and Mom and I headed to Lowe’s. She told me about my dad’s garden and everything he had planted in it, and that conversation made me wonder…could I turn the thumb of death into the thumb of life? Can this summer be THE summer?

So I made a $7 investment of eight organic pots, organic soil (I’m not really big on organics necessarily; I just happened to be in that section, and it was cheap) and a packet of tomato seeds. Which, by the way, I was told later it might have been better to buy the plants. But I really want to see these seeds grow…if they do.

Let’s discuss the inspiration behind this $7 purchase. This weekend Mom and I walked around our backyard, and she said, “What’s that tree over there?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “We planted it about five years ago.”

“Is it a pear tree?”

“I don’t know. I’m sure the tag is still on it.”

Turns out it is a pear tree. But, more shockingly, it has PEARS on it!!! I know, I’m just as shocked as anyone. Without any care, that tree has flourished. So I also bought some tree food as well. It’s time that sweet tree had some care.

I’m really excited about this venture, despite the unfortunate results I’ve had in the past. I have a neighbor who LOVES to garden, so I’m sure her expertise will come in handy when my tomatoes need to be replanted (cause, frankly, one of the reasons I hate gardening is because of bugs in the dirt. Yes, I’m that girl, lol). But if they grow, I will be so happy!

BLT, I’m waiting for you.


Brooke said...

i wish my neglected peach trees were fairing so well!!

misti said...


You got this! Tomatoes are fun to grow! And I still haven't planted mine :-/ Maybe I'll just burglarize yours?

Tammy said...

BLTs are the best sandwich ever!! I pray that you can enjoy the flavor of your own tomatoes on them...within about 4 to 6 weeks. LOL :) I can totally relate...I too have a black thumb. :) Happy seed growing to ya!

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Fun! I am totally a farm girl... getting ready to start my garden this year. YOU CAN DO IT! ;)

Lauren said...

Haha! Death thumb...I've never called mine that but that is definitely what it is!

You can do this!!! :D