Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

Waiting on God requires faith. Faith to live by it, faith to act on it, faith to keep looking at the joyful end of it all. ~ Elisabeth Elliot

I’m not a patient person. How impatient am I? I’m too impatient to even give you craftily-worded examples, so you get bullet points.

·         Instead of waiting to hear back on jobs right after college, I called them on a weekly basis.
·         I may send an e-mail, but if I don’t get an instant response and I think I need a response rightthen, I will call, even after sending the e-mail. Like three minutes later.
·         I’m too impatient to think of a third example.

In other words, yes, I’m quite impatient. Waiting is just the worst. Waiting to hear about plans for the evening…about good news…about bad news.

Y’all know I am usually two steps from crazy on any given day. Today, I was teetering on the border, waiting to fall over.Waiting, knowing today might not even be the day we got answers. Waiting, knowing that even when we had the answers, they might not be what we wanted.

I got the e-mail at 12:06 p.m. I didn’t open it until 12:36 p.m.

Betty just called.  She was thrilled, and relieved, to find most of the tumor on her lung was gone.  She said the doctor was happy about it, saying this is good news.  Nothing was mentioned of the other parts of her body, but since the cancer began in the lung, Betty said, it is most likely indicative that the treatment is working on it all.  And, that does make sense.

Her hemoglobin is low, and she must decide between now and next week when she takes her treatment (2 more rounds of chemo) if she will go with a shot or blood transfusion.  The injection tends to stimulate the cancer so right now she is leaning toward the blood transfusion.

She said, twice, "the cancer will come back", but she is thankful for the present.  Her doctor said sometimes it is as long as 3 yrs before it comes back. 

Thank you all for your continued prayer support. 

Even reading it now, I’m stunned into silence by God’s awesome mercy and healing. I’m overwhelmed by this. Betty called me a couple of minutes later, as a matter of fact, to make sure I heard the news.

“When I quit doing chemo, I’m coming up to visit you,” she said. “I want to go to your church. Everyone in your church is so nice. And all of your friends (bloggy and IRL) are so nice – they sent me cards, and they prayed for me. I couldn’t have gotten through this without them.”

May God bless all of you who have prayed for my aunt. I truly do have some remarkable friends. Thank you all for everything.


Brooke said...

that's awesome!!!

Tara said...

So I knew the great news before I ever read the first line (from the title) but can I just say I cracked up laughing at your "two steps from crazy" comment? I feel really bad, because this seems like such an inappropriate post to bust out laughing.

In all seriousness, GIDDY over Betty's results. Praise God!!! Praying the transfusion is successful and without complications and she gets to come home ASAP!!

sara said...

this is such amazing news!!! I know exactly how you feel and I am praising God with you!!!!

Mari said...

What a wonderful report! Big praise here.
Glad she got the cards. :)

Meredith said...

What great news! God is good!

misti said...

:) :) :) :) :)

(and a million more)

I hope some of this peace overflows for the other situation too...everything will be fine!

Rachelle said...

Great news!

I love that E Elliot quote. She is one of my favs.

Lauren said...

Wow!! That is remarkable!

septembermom said...

I'm so happy for your aunt!! That's wonderful news. I'll continue to pray for her and all of you :)

God bless you all! Hugs - Kelly

Ginger said...

Haven't forgotten about you, or your aunt. Just wanted you I am still here and standing with you.