Wednesday, April 13, 2011

University No. 4

Stink. Stank. Stunk.

So let’s review the process of attending an in-state school for one online class to transfer over to an out-of-state school.

1. They can’t find my transcripts.
2. Turns out my transcripts are at the undergrad office, not graduate. But somehow, no one can get them to the graduate office.
3. Due to my sending an application to Univ. No. 4 NINE YEARS AGO, they cannot (for some unknown reason) list me as my married name, which I applied to this online class with.
4. They wanted me to take three vaccinations…for an online class.

Hmm…did I list everything?

At any rate, here’s what has happened in the past week with Univ. No. 4.

Penny MaidenName
111 Green Street
Somewhere in, Mississippi

Dear Ms. MaidenName:

It is a pleasure to inform you that you have been granted regular admission to the Graduate School as a non-degree student.

Hooray! Right? Well, sort of. Let’s count the problems with that statement:

* Maiden Name is still listed.
* Why am I suddenly living in Mississippi?

Ah, wait, here’s where it gets good.

Granted, I was happy to receive admission. Success!! However, the REASON I’m even attending Univ. No. 4 is for in-state tuition. That’s not going to happen if they think I live in Mississippi.

Where did they get the MS address? Well…ahem, when I applied for Super Duper University, I applied using my aunt’s MS address in hopes of getting in-state tuition, which failed. Boo.

But, at any rate, apparently the admissions office can’t figure out to use ANY of the information on my application form. Because that would be too easy.

My e-mailed response to the admissions lady:

“Thanks! One quick thing...that's not my address. For Super Duper, I had that address listed for a personal reason, but I live at *address listed here*. That's the address I filled out my application form with, and that's the address I have lived at for 5 years when my husband and I bought the house. I need this corrected asap, however, so I will not have to pay out of state tuition -- which is why I'm taking this course at Univ. No. 4 in the first place. Thank you!!”

Her very smart-aleck response:

“With so many addresses there, it is difficult to tell which is which.”

In the following time, I have applied for the class and been enrolled and charged $765 for a ten-week online class. Thanks, Univ. No. 4.

I can’t wait to graduate.


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ugh. :-/

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Do I hear you calling a meeting of the Senior Auxiliary to order?