Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur…

Kudos to whomever figures out what TV show that lyric is from.

Well, it’s about time I introduce the new babies of the Super household. Drumroll, please…

Apollo and Starbuck!!

Kyle and I actually went back and forth on the names, going from those two to Ron and Hermione, but since we’re not sure yet about the gender of the gray cat, we figured Apollo was a better name than Ron.

These are outdoor cats, mainly for three reasons: 1. I hate litter boxes. 2. My sweet Voo would be ridiculously jealous (she’s already jealous of the outdoor pets). 3. My asthma (and my allergist) would not agree to indoor cats (that’s kind of the big one…).

My parents brought them over Aug. 20. At first, I didn’t think they were going to stay around. There’s a long story that involves a deep bite, a water hose, and Starbuck hopping the fence and running to freedom, but, as my dad would say, the cat came back. It was probably amusing for the neighbors to watch me gently chase (can you actually “gently” chase??) Starbuck back in the backyard in my short white skirt and heels on a Sunday morning.

But, really, they are such sweet cats. And they love me, mainly because I am the Provider of Food. And, somehow, even though they’ve lived outside their entire short lives, they can’t understand why they have to eat dry cat food in the morning (I mix dry with wet in the evenings). Spoiled things, and to think they live under our deck.

Speaking of that, I’m not happy about their current living arrangements. I have a pretty, warm cat house for them that they won’t go near. They prefer living under the deck. Now, if they don’t like the cat house, fine. But under the deck, where they get wet when it rains because it goes through the cracks?? Not a good idea!!

The previous house owner left a chiminea that’s a bit cracked, and, as we already have a fire pit, I figure I can transform the chiminea into somewhat of a cat house. It’s ON the deck. Shouldn’t that be enough? And they were playing in it a couple of days ago, so hopefully once I spruce it up and make it warm and tidy, they’ll start sleeping in there.


Oh, sweet kitties.

Even better, today was the first morning the Voo did NOT bark madly at them. I was so proud of her. I bragged on her until she pranced and gave her a treat. Maybe one day she and the cats will be friends.

You know, that day when pigs fly.


Ginger said...

It all started with a big bang... ha! :)

sara said...

Big Bang!!!

Mari said...

They are so cute! You'll love having them!

Brooke said...

Caleb (the family dog) always loved laying under the deck far more than his dog house. it didn't matter how much hay or blankets we put in there for him

Sara@TCme said...

Cute! Kittens are fun. Telling between a boy and girl: how close are the holes? SUPER close like right under each other girl...boy has more space between the two so his , ahem, "boys" can drop.(It's a fun google search, we had to do it with Bella, because if she had been a boy we would not have kept her. She would have gone back to Rob's parents.)

Aleta said...

Awwww, I love cats :) What if you put a something soft inside the cat house?