Monday, November 7, 2011

Chair makeover

We inherited a few fun things with our house...such as two dressers, a bed, a desk...and two bar chairs that looked like this...

The second chair had a crack down the middle, and besides that needing to be fixed, the chairs needed some serious TLC. I thought at first about staining them and then, after browsing Pinterest and feeling the crafty urge, decided to paint them. Since there are a lot of white accents in my living room and kitchen, I decided to paint them white...and get rid of that gold bar at the bottom.

However, I didn't want to just paint them white. I wanted them to have character, like our house has character. I found a really cool example of a stencil used to highlight the wood on the chair seat, but, after looking through stencils and not really finding what I wanted (and not liking the prices I was seeing!), I decided to go very geometric with a basic square. Also, I wasn't even sure if this project was going to be a bust or success, so I didn't want to be out too much money if it wasn't good.

First, the cracked chair needed some wood putty and both needed to be stained.

Honestly, painting them took FOREVER, as I did the backs of the chairs first and then, like many projects I start...remained unfinished. However, yesterday, I spent the majority of the afternoon finishing them up. I spray painted the gold bar silver and completed my crafty project.

Ta da!! The finished remodeled chairs!

I seriously love these chairs. They're just fun and funky now and fit in so much better with the house and with us. Also, it definitely helped that this little craft was CHEAP!

Spray paint: $3
White paint (on CLEARANCE): $6
Stupid paint brush some dude at Lowe's convinced me was better than the $2 one: $7
"Stencil": I used painters tape that I already had
Wood putty: $2
Total cost: $18

Woo hoo!


Mari said...

They turned out great! They are so fresh and updated - and for such a deal!

misti said...

Has anyone ever told you how crafty you are!? Haha! They look great...and you didn't spend a brickload of money. Crafty AND smart! ;) ;)

thedomesticfringe said...

They look great! Good job.

Tara said...

Those chairs have never looked better! Great job!